Friday, February 01, 2013

Digital Photo 2: Review Week

Digital Photo 2 Composition Review and Pick 6 Assignment

Please review the composition examples below:

Your assignment today is to shoot six compositions from the list below. If you have an SLR camera, please shoot these with the camera in MANUAL mode, adjusting both the F-stop and Shutter Speed each time (you can review shutter and aperture down below if necessary). 

I recommend shooting at least four or five attempts for each composition.

  • Rule of Thirds
  •  Color Contrast
  • Tonal Balance
  • Balance Mass
  • Leading Lines
  • Framing or Frame Within a Frame
  • Interesting Pattern
  • Selective Focus
  • S-Curve
  • Three objects creating a triangle  

Part 2 of the Digital Photo 2: Review Week

Digital Photo: Shutter and Aperture

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