Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vidstore Instructions

Click on Desktop
Connect to server   
Name: scvideo
Password: Outback23
Sc video classes
Period Number

Multimedia: CD Cover Assignment

CD Assignment
You will create a front and back cover to insert into a blank CD case.

First you will open Photoshop and create two new blank documents. Both of these documents should be approximately 4.875 inches * 4.875 inches.

Front Cover:
• CD Name and Band Names in fonts of your choice from, YouTube, or any other tutorial site.
• Fictional Band Name in font of your choice.
• Use your own pictures only. Every item on both covers must be something you took a picture of or that you grabbed from the internet (high-resolution only). Any people on your front cover must be from your own pictures.
• An appropriate and well planned background if your picture is smaller than 4.875 inches. Gradients are always a nice option too for backgrounds.

Back Cover:
• Five pictures. These are pictures that you will take using a digital camera Your five pictures can be band members playing music, singing, signing autographs, or you can make a collage (See The Beatles Sergeant Lonely Hearts Club Band or Revolver down below for good collage examples).
• Track List
• Copyright Information
• Well-designed background

Tools and Effects utilized from Photoshop:
Clone Stamp, Eyedropper, Selection Tools, Layering, Color Gradients, Adjusting Colors, Text Effects, cut/paste, and Free Transform etc.

At the end of this assignment students will brainstorm and design the CD Cover in pre-production, be able to take a well composed picture against the green screen, select and edit various layers in Photoshop, create interesting or unique text,  and use adjustment layers and blending options in Photoshop.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Digital Photo 2: Candid Photography

Candid Assignment for Thursday and Friday

Read these tips:

Your assignment is to shoot the equivalent of a full roll (24 pics) of pictures capturing people you don't know in a candid shot.
For each picture you should emphasize a specific composition element other than rule of thirds.
If you need a refresher on composition elements they can be reviewed at:

These include, but are not limited to: frame within a frame, leading lines, color contrast, movement and meaning, multiple levels of meaning, leading the subject, and using light to highlight or enhance a certain section of your picture. Move the camera around. Shoot high and low angles.

For this assignment I want you to get as far away from Shorecrest as possible. Seattle is a great place to shoot "random" people, but Lake Forest Park could be just as effective. Make sure you ask permission to take pictures (especially if you are taking pictures of kids).

Unintentional out-of-focus pictures will not be accepted. If you would like to try a some selective focus shots please tell me before you go out shooting and I can lend you a long lens.

Getty Images Candid Pics

Friday, February 14, 2014

Photoshop Tutorial Work

Before you start these tutorials please make sure you download two different portraits and at least one landscape photo.

Getting Started With Photoshop: a 40 minute basic tutorial

Lasso Tool

Clone Stamp Tutorial


Removing People

Swapping Faces

Layer Styles

Layer Masking

Using Adjustment Layers

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Landscape Photography Homework Over Break

Your homework over break is to shoot landscape pictures. Please try to keep your camera on you as much as possible.

You will shoot at least 72 pictures from at least three separate locations.
You may shoot horizontal and vertical landscape pictures.

You must shoot at least once during sunrise or sunset (golden hour).

Please do not center the horizon line and try to show something in the foreground, mid-ground, and background.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Export Garageband Song to Your Own Computer and then Drop into Staff Server

First, click Share and export your song to Disk.
 Select MP3 and Higher Quality and click export.
Use the naming convention and save your file to your desktop.

Use the naming convention and save your file to your desktop.
Connect to the Vidstore Server
Open the Finder (click on desktop)
Go>Connect To Server
Type Vidstore
Click Connect
SC Video Classes
Period #

Monday, February 03, 2014

Landscape Photos and Weekend Homework

Today you will learn about landscape photos and then practice taking pictures of landscapes. 

Take notes on the material covered in the links below. USE YOUR NOTES as a resource when you shoot your landscape shots.11 Landscape Hints 
Landscape Hints 2
We will have a note check at the end of the period Thursday.Please leave class today after doing your reading and note taking and go practice taking landscape photos. I would recommend going up to the softball field and shoot towards the Cascades. If some of you want to drive down to the lake that is OK too.
Avoid centering, place objects in the foreground, mid-ground, and back ground. Return to class at 11:45.

Weekend Homework:
 Pick at least one scenic location where you can take pictures.
 Pick a place with water, mountains, trees, or a combination of all of the above. I would recommend Carkeek Park, Kerry Park, or Richmond Beach.

You will shoot at least 24 pictures. Change angles and move all around the location.

You may shoot horizontal and vertical landscape pictures.

Please do not center the horizon line and try to show something in the foreground, mid-ground, and background.

Pictures are due on Monday.
Tuesday is an out of class shooting day. Please bring your camera and make sure you have transportation. Blur: how to take long exposure pictures of the sea using an ND filter