Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Editing Your Arch_City_Still Pictures

Edit 12 Pictures
6 color and 6 Black and White
At least two selective Focus
At least two "one item kept in color"

Monday, April 11, 2011

Project Treatment

You will spend 30 minutes browsing various websites and looking at examples of cityscape, architecture, and still life photos. During this time you should be brainstorming what you would like to shoot and when.

What will you shoot for your still life picture? When will you shoot this?
What will you shoot for your architecture picture? When will you shoot these shots?
Where will you shoot your cityscape pictures?

Digital Photo 2: Still Life, Architecture, and City Scape

Still Life Photography
Your next assignment is very large in scope and includes a variety of picture styles.
I am including still life, architecture, and city scapes as one assignment because many of you will be in a variety of places for spring break. You will shoot contact sheets for all three categories. However, in what order you choose to do shoot them is up to you.

Still Life Examples

Cityscape Examples

Shooting Day 1: April 14/15
Shooting Days 2 and 3: Spring Break
Importing and editing April 24 and 26/27
Shooting Day 4: April 28/29
May 2: Editing

Friday, April 08, 2011

Stop Motion Animation Assignment

Your next project is a stop motion animation assignment. You will work in groups of three. You will have two full class periods to shoot your assignment using my digital cameras. You will edit your videos on final Cut Pro and add sound effects and music.










Stop Motion Pre-Production

Please get in your groups and start planning your production.

1. Please use TEXT EDIT and turn in the following information in the STAFF server:
  • Group Member names
  • A four to five sentence description of your animation project. 
  • Please tell me what special "tricks" you will create to make your animation look interesting. What will your characters do that they can't do in real life?
  • Also, let me know if you are using props or if the characters are wearing costumes. Who will wear what outfits?
  • Most importantly please tell me the story from beginning to end.
  • What type of music will you use? Why?
  • What kind of sound effects will you add?
2. Create a shot sheet. Write down the different shots you will take and the order you will take them. List the locations as well.
3. Create a storyboard of the first 45 frames.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Due Thursday/Friday

All of the Spring Quote items listed below are due at the end of the period.

In your collage you need a MINIMUM of four pictures, but we have had some people already incorporate 10 or more pictures into their collages.

No homework this weekend. You will have homework over spring break.

Both classes will have new 4th quarter seating charts next week. Please save all of your work to your server so you can transfer it to your new computer next week.

Email me with any questions.

Extra Credit Opportunity: Make extra wallpapers or collages.