Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Silhouette Assignment

Tips 2
Example 1

You will take silhouette pictures three different days. Two days in class and one night or morning session as homework.
  • One day in class you will use the studio and shoot a silhouette with the white or gray background. You will light the background and keep your subject (s) in the shadows.
  • One day in class you will work with a partner or two and shoot silhouettes away from school in a beautiful setting such as the pictures here on the page. I realize this will be mid-day, but you will all try your best to position your subject in the dark and in front of your bright background.
  • For your homework (which you can start tonight) you will shoot a silhouette either at sunrise or at sunset. You can have people as your subject, or you may use something natural or man made.
Friday the 26th: in studio or away from school. Contact sheet due at the end of the period.
Wed-Monday: Silhouette homework away from school. Contact Sheet Due Monday. Editing.
Wed: In Studio or away from school. Contact Sheet Due at the end of the period.
Friday the 5th: In class editing.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mid-Winter Break Photo Assignment

You are doing the exact the same as you did for the Shoreline assignment except for a different city, town, neighborhood, or community.

You are working for ___________magazine and your job is to sell the city to prospective residents and travelers. Your pictures should show the variety of activities, neighborhoods, scenic locations, and cultural spots.

You must have at least one high-action shot, one landscape shot, and one bizarre angle or abstract shot (something arty).

Due Today in Photo II

Shoreline Magazine Contact Sheet II
Five best pictures adjusted in a Contact Sheet (2*3)
Best Picture to print

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Firts Big Animation Assignment

  • 300 Frames
  • The animation needs to have a beginning, middle, and end.
  • At least 7 named layers.
  • At least two main characters (symbols).
  • One movie clip.
  • A detailed background. Spend time creating the background so it looks as realistic as possible.
  • Two motion tweens.
  • Two shape tweens.
  • One motion path (guide layer) tween.
  • At least three uses of sound effects or music. Create a new layer for each sound effect.

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences.
Please tell me the main story from beginning middle to end. What are your characters names?
What is special about your characters?
Where will your project take place? What is the setting?
What will make this interesting for your classmates to watch?
What type of sound effects will you use?
What type of music will you use?
Please use text edit. Drop this treatment into my classes folder on the STAFF server. Use the naming convention and 'animation treatment' for the project name.

You will also sketch two main characters when you are done with this Treatment.

Sound effects are located in my public folder.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Export Animation to Vidstore

Exporting From Flash to Quicktime

File>Export>Export Movie>Quicktime
Save it using the naming convention. Save it in your movies folder.

Next, control-click on the file in your movies folder and select get info'. Please make sure that everything under details and ownerships and permissions is set to 'read-write'.

Next, log onto to and drop it in the period 1 or 6 folder.

SC Video Classes
6th period

Snow Time Lapse

Monday, February 08, 2010

DIgital Photo Assignment: Sell me Shoreline and Lake Forest Park!

You are working for Shoreline magazine and your job is to sell the city to prospective residents and travelers. Your pictures should show the variety of activities, neighborhoods, scenic locations, and cultural spots.
Ideas for pictures: Interurban Trail, Central Market, Various neighborhoods, Lake Washington, Richmond Beach and Puget Sound, Third Place Books, Boating, Fishing, Skateboarding/Skiing/Wakeboarding/Skimboarding/running and other physical activities, restaurants, and shopping.

  • Due at the end of the period Wednesday is a contact sheet (24 pictures) full of pictures shot using manual adjustment methods. Wednesday is an all-day shooting day.
  • Due Friday is another contact sheet filled with interesting pictures that showcase the city. This is homework.
  • Due at the end of the period Friday is five print-worthy Photoshop adjusted pictures showcasing different highlights of the city.
  • You must have at least one high-action shot, one landscape shot, and one bizarre angle or abstract shot (something arty).

Friday, February 05, 2010

How to

How to create a Contact Sheet

  • Create a new folder on your desktop with your pictures.
  • Open Photoshop CS3.
  • Select File>Automate>Contact Sheet II
  • Select on Folder and choose the folder your created.
  • Make sure the image size is 8*10 inches.
  • The resolution should be 300.
  • Columns and rows will vary: 12 pictures = 3*4 and 24 pictures=5*5
  • Click OK.
  • File>Save as a jpeg

Drop contacts shet into the STAFF server period 3/5 and make sure you use the naming convention. Contact sheets and other assignments without the naming convention will not be graded.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Digital Photo: Shutter and Aperture

First Animation Assignment

I would like you to visit the following websites and watch a variety of flash animation.

When you are done watching the animation (spend about 30-35 minutes or so on this) I would like you to tell me what your favorite flash movies were and why you liked them.
Did you like the storyline? Animation style? Sound effects? Music?
Please list this information, along with the link to access the animation, in the comments section below. Don't forget to put your name at the beginning so I know you did your work. Please use headphones.

Welcome to class! Don't forget to fill in the comment section with your favorite videos. Log in as anonymous and then write your name at the top of your comment.
Mr. Mitchell