Monday, March 23, 2009

Self-Portrait Assignment

Self-Portrait Assignment

You will shoot four different self-portraits over break. You need to pick four photo types from the following five categories.

1. A self-portrait where color is emphasized. Color may include wardrobe, location, props, or natural objects. Think of your picture as a one or two color concept picture.

2. A picture that emphasizes lighting and shadows. This will be a grayscale self-portrait.

3. A self-portrait that showcases your interests and hobbies. In this picture we learn what you like to do away from school. Think about what interests you and transfer that into a photo.

4. A fantasy self-portrait. Dress up and use costumes. In this self-portrait you can use Photoshop to enhance your picture in any way, shape, or form. Transfer yourself to Hawaii or become a Viking like you have always wanted.

5. The Supermodel self-portrait. Dress up like a GQ or Cosmopolitan magazine model. This can be a grayscale or color picture. You will use Photoshop to airbrush and enhance this photo.

Another Button Tutorial (non-video)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

CYOA Assignment For Animation

For this project you will be creating an adventure of some sorts that pauses periodically and gives the viewer a choice in where the story goes, thus a "choose your own adventure" tale! Your movie must contain:

* 6 Buttons
* goto and play
* stop
* up, over, down, hit states
* no stick figures
*motion and shape tweens
* movie files
* at least three instances of sound, sound should FILL your animation

The Process
1. Brainstorm and Idea Session individual and then group
2. Sketches of characters
3. Treatment with story info is next. Answer all of these in complete sentences and place in my classes period 1 folder on the staff server.

* Who are the characters? Describe in detail.
* Where does the story take place. Describe the locations.
* What is the story from beginning to end?
* What are the options in the choose your own adventure?
* How will your animation be more interesting and better looking than your last project?

4. Storyboard your video over 30 frames (you will obviously skip quite a few frames when you do this. Just give the general idea.)
5. We will go over how to create movie files.
6. Create the animation
7. We will go over how to add action scripts and buttons to your project. This will be the final piece we add.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Your First Digital Photo test is next week!

Test Review

1. When one subject is in focus and the other object is out of focus in a picture it is called _________________________.

2. The composition element that suggests you should shoot subjects off center is called _________________________.

3. _______________________ gives your subject space to walk and/or look in a picture.

4. The __________________ is the device responsible for the amount of light that gets into your camera.

5. The _________________ controls the speed of the light entering the camera.

6. An F-Stop of F-22 means you have a _____________ amount of light entering the camera.

7. An F-Stop of F/1.4 means you have a ______________ amount of light entering the camera.

8. A shutter speed of 1/250 to 1/1000 is good for _________________ pictures.

9. A picture that shows two subjects with two distinct and different colors is an example of __________________ composition.

10. ______________ is the term used to describe the focus length from your camera to your subject.

11.To change a picture into grayscale you go ________________ then ____________then _________________.

12. To adjust brightness/contrast you go ______________ then _______________ then ____________________.

13. Layer Style and Layer Mask buttons are located in the ________________ ___________________.

All Photoshop short cuts:crop, clone stamp, patch, lasso, burn and dodge, text, magic wand, move tool, marquee tool, and brush tool etc.

]* selective focus
* macro
* Strive for a feeling of unity
* compose scenes around a single center of interest
* Lighting to emphasize a point or idea
* leading the subject
* the rule of thirds
* horizontal and vertical lines
* tonal balance
* balance mass
* abstract
* leading lines
* frame the central subject matter
* color contrast
* # of prime objects
Convey Meaning Through Colors and Tones
* movement
(start reading the above link at Strive for a Feeling of Unity)
(Look at further examples at bottom of page)



In no LESS than one page please explain:

• Who you chose and who they are (i.e. when, where, what etc)
• Describe their photography (what is unique about her/his style and technique)
• And explain how he/she (or something they did, used, or created) has impacted or changed the world of photography.
• Why did you choose this photographer? What do you like about their work/style?

Note: Do not copy/paste text from web sites. I will check to make sure that everything written is in your words. Google is a fantastic tool for checking plagiarism.

Masters of Photography Assignment: picture.

You will choose a photograph to emulate from a famous photographer below. Your picture must look very similar to the original picture. This includes setting, subject, lighting, angle, composition, color, and style.

Masters of Photography

• Abbott, Berenice
• Adams, Ansel
• Adams, Robert
• Alvarez Bravo
• Arbus, Diane
• Atget, Eugene
• Bellocq, E.J.
• Blossfeldt, Karl
• Brandt, Bill
• Brassai
• Callahan, Harry
• Cameron, Julia M.
• Coburn, Alvin L.
• Cunningham,Imogen
• DeCarava, Roy
• Doisneau, Robert
• Eggleston, William
• Evans, Walker
• Friedlander, Lee
• Gutmann, John
• Hine, Lewis
• Kertesz, Andre
• Klein, William
• Koudelka, Josef
• Lange, Dorothea
• Lartigue,Jacques H.
• Laughlin,Clarence J.
• Levitt, Helen
• Mapplethorpe,Robert
• Modotti, Tina
• Muybridge,Eadweard
• Nadar, Felix
• O'Sullivan, Timothy
• Outerbridge, Paul
• Porter,Eliot
• Riis, Jacob
• Rodchenko,Alexander
• Salgado,Sebastio
• Sherman, Cindy
• Smith, W. Eugene
• Sommer, Frederick
• Steichen, Edward
• Stieglitz, Alfred
• Strand, Paul
• Talbot,William H. Fox
• Uelsmann, Jerry
• Weegee
• Weston, Edward
• White, Minor
• Winogrand, Garry
Guy Bourdin
Cartier Bresson
Andreas Gursky
Annie Leibowitz

Charles Peterson

Lance Mercer

Click here to view some of these photographers images

Here are even more from Wikipedia

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Your Photomerge Assignment

Your assignment over the next five to six days:

You will create Photomerge pictures. These are 3-5 pictures that overlap to show a wide landscape or cityscape (one big picture).

Your three Photomerges should be taken at three different locations at three different times of day: sunrise, afternoon, and sunset.

Use a tripod if possible. Remember to manual adjust white balance or select something like "cloudy" or "sunny" on your camera.

  • Three locations
  • One Photomerge from each location
  • make sure each Photomerge is taken at a different time

Wed/Thurs: Out of Class Shooting
Fri-Mon: Photomerge Weekend Homework

All three locations are due next Mon/Tues

Thursday, March 05, 2009

SCNN Open Asignment for Animation Class

You are going to create an “Open” for SCNN.

  • 20-30 seconds long
  • motion tween
  • shape tween
  • sound effects,
  • music
  • at least 7 layers
Most importantly this video needs to get kids excited about watching SCNN. Use school colors if you can and even create school locations, teachers, students, clubs, and sports to make the video relevant to other SC students.

The name SCNN should appear at the end.

Videos are due on Wednesday at 9:00.

Digital Photo Grayscale Assignment

You will adjust approximately 25-30 pictures using the grayscale methods. When you are finished adjusting your pictures pick the top 8 and send them to me in a contact sheet. Please make sure you have at least one picture from each grayscale method. Name this assignment "grayscale_adjustments". (This is due Monday 20 minutes into the long period).

Adjust your pictures using the six methods we discussed in class.

The Grayscale Methods: Lightness Channel, Ansel Adams, Calculations, Duotone, Basic Channel Mixer, and Basic Black and White.

Make sure all pictures are cropped as needed, have a definitive subject, and have an extreme dark and light point. Proper photo composition is essential.

On Monday you will send me your best picture for printing. Drop this into the proper folder and call this "grayscale to print."

Monday, March 02, 2009

Exporting From Flash to Quicktime

File>Export>Export Movie (quicktime format)

Save the video using the naming convention and save it in the movies folder.

Next, control-click on the file in your movies folder and select get info'. Please make sure that everything under details and ownerships and permissions is set to 'read-write'.

Next, log onto to and drop it in the period 1 or 3 folder.