Thursday, March 29, 2012

Final Cut Tutorials


Music Video Effects

Basic Effects

One Item in Color

Green Screen Tutorial


Digital Photo 2: Turning in Action Photos

1. Edit your 8-15 best Shorecrest Action Photos. Do not add text.
2. Create a folder with all edited SC Action Pictures. Name the folder using the naming convention with the sport name as the subject.
3. Drop your SC Action Photos into the Vidstore>Public>Photo J>Spring Sports Folder
Connect to server      
Name: scvideo
Password: Jetta23
Sc video classes
Public Folder
Photo J
Spring Sports Photo 2
4. Start editing your “other” action photos.
5. After all your edits are complete you should start adding text. Please describe the who, what, where, why, and how of each picture. Don’t forget to use full student names.
6. Turn in your best 10 Action Photos adjusted w/text (both sports/activities). Call this Action Photos Adjusted CS.
7. Turn in your Best Action Photo for printing.
8. Create a Weebly website. On this website create a Action Photo Slideshow. Copy/paste text as needed. You can have up to 16 pictures.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Multimedia Music Video Assignment

Students will shoot a music video that is at least two minutes but no longer than three minutes.
Unlike music videos in my Video 1 class, I encourage you to make these videos as bizarre and weird as possible.
Some suggestions:
  • Use the Green Screen
  • Use Stop Motion Photography
  • Move the camera rapidly from shot to shot, slow down for a second, and move again
  • Use special effects and filtering in Final Cut 
  • Use multiple props or costumes if people are in your video
  • Reverse, speed up, and slow down clips
  • Layer clips in Final Cut to create ghosting effects
  • Use the motion tab keyframes in Final Cut to zoom and pan across the video 
  • Use other programs like Flash or Photoshop as needed
  •  Use pictures in addition to video

Students may work was many people as they want, but everyone must edit their own version of the video to their own Garageband created song.

Students must turn in a one-page typed treatment.

1. What is your story or concept in great detail? What makes this idea interesting?  Don't forget costumes, editing and shooting style etc. Your answer should be 4-5 sentences.
2. Who are you working with on this project (inside or outside of class) if anyone?
3. When will you shoot? You can shoot all period Thursday and you may also shoot outside of class.
4. Do you have your own video camera or cell phone camera?

Please drop you responses into the Staff server, Period 4.

Raw footage to import into Final Cut is due next Tuesday.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For this project you will be creating an adventure of some sorts that pauses periodically and gives the viewer a choice in where the story goes, thus a "choose your own adventure" tale! Your movie must contain:

* a cohesive and easy to follow storyline

* At least three places where decisions need to be made
* 8 interactive Buttons with up, over, down, hit states
* detailed and moving backgrounds
* no stick figures
* multiple motion and shape tweens
* 4 movie clips
* at least three instances of sound, sound should FILL your animation

* goto and play Action Script
* stop
Action Script

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Action Photo Practice

Today you will shoot and turn in a full contact sheet of action pictures. 
You should have 10-12 SUCCESSFUL panning style pictures using shutter speeds of around 1/20-1/60 and then 10-12 pictures of regular fast shutter speeds (usually 1/500-1/2500).

How many of you remembered to bring some sporting equipment?

Suggested activities to shoot: someone running across the field, someone doing back handsprings or other gymnastic moves, anyone playing catch with a football or baseball, and hackysack etc.

If you aren't sure about the panning technique please review the motocross video with the
Crocodile Hunter. The panning instruction starts at about 1:30.

You may use my cameras to shoot this assignment.

Please return to class at 9:15 so you can upload your pictures and turn in the Contact Sheets. 

Both your "Official" Action Picture Contact Sheets with an SC sport and action/sport of your choice are due Monday.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Action Photo Written Assignment 2

Action Photo Hints and Tutorials 

Please watch the youtube tutorials below and add helpful hints and suggestions to your "notes" from the previous actrion  assignment. Make sure that you reference

Action Photography Slideshow:

Garageband Assignment

Garageband Assignment #1
  • Create a full-length song in Garageband that is 2-3 mins long – (to view time go to Control –> Show Time in LCD)
  • The song should work for a specific genre of music as opposed to just random clips assembled together. For example, you should create a rock, country, or electronic song.
  • The song should have distinctly different parts of the song (parts that are emphasized or de-emphasized or repeated).  "Real" music has verse, middle, and chorus sections.
  • The song must contain at least 6 different tracks. Most songs will have have more than six sections.
  • You should include at least one sample, voice, or musical instrument
  • At least 2 of the tracks must change volume multiple times throughout the song – click on the downward pointing arrow at the end of the track icons to make a track’s volumne fade in or out
  • At least one track must include a segment that loops – usually created by clicking in the upper left corner of a region and dragging to the right.

Sports Photography Written Assignment 1

Sports Photography

A detailed description of how to take good sports photos.

Please read the above link in it's entirety (pages 1-7). After you take detailed notes pleasewrite down what you think are the ten most important pieces of advice.
 Make sure your notes are IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

Your first SC Sports Action Shot Contact Sheet will not be due until next week.You will receive your team assignment on Friday.
Objectives foe these pictures: sharp focus, unique angles, capturing emotion, telling a story, and basically taking the viewer someplace they wouldn't normally get to be by just sitting in the stands.
Your most interesting subject may not always be the person with the ball, like the reaction shot below of the Husky bench after beating Marquette last year.

Sports Picture Slideshow

Washington's Austin Bragg and Scott Suggs react from the bench after Quincy Pondexter's game-winning layup during the first-round game against Marquette.

Monday, March 05, 2012

SCNN Commercial Treatment

Commercial Treatment

You will write a detailed commercial treatment and send it to the coach or advisor of your club/activity/sport etc. You will ask for their permission to make a commercial and also for suggestions. You will also send me a copy (CC) of this email.

List of advisors:
School event Calendar

Treatment questions you must answer in COMPLETE sentences.

  1. What group or activity have you selected as your subject?
  2. Why did you select this group and why do you think you can make an interesting commercial for this group?
  3. What is your original concept? How are you going to SELL your subject?
  4. What will your tag line be? It needs to be something catchy and memorable.
  5. What kind of music will you use in the background?
  6. Please email the advisor or coach of your commercial subject ask permission to create a commercial using your concept. Include me on this email.

Photojournalism Photo Essay

Photo Essay...

Wheelchair photo by RHS student Sarah M.Photo Essays tell stories with pictures in ways that words cannot. They show us the faces of joy, pain, pride and fear.

One famous photo essayist was Larry Burrows. Burrows was killed in a helicopter crash in Vietnam but his work helped show the face of war to Americans.

Burrows has a Burrows memorial page that has some of his photographs including 15 photographs that served as covers for Life Magazine. This photo is from the cover of his book, Vietnam. You can see some of the photos from this link to the book on

Time and Life magazines both have a long history of photo journalism. Many of these photo essays are on-line and available for viewing.

essay photoAssignment - Photo Essay (Part 1)

In this assignment you will create your own photo essay. To help prepare you for this you should review some other photo essays and prepare a report.

Select a photo essay from the web site.

Select one essay and to review it. You will need to respond to these points in a word processing program like Text Edit:
  1. Did the photographer use staged photos, candid photos or both?
  2. Color or B&W? Did it make a difference? What factors contributed to the selection of one over the other?
  3. Find examples of good framing and composition and point them out. How close do the subjects feel in the photo?
  4. Find examples of good use of color and light. Do you see backlighting? Were the photos taken early or late in the day?
  5. How much narration and text support the essay?
  6. Do the photos in the essay stand alone or do they need to be seen as a part of the whole?
  7. Describe your reaction to the essay. Do all photo essays illicit a reaction in the viewer?

Assignment - Photo Essay (Part 2)

  1. Minimum of 8 photos
  2. Single theme or "story" for the essay
  3. Consider the following in composing your photographs:
    • Color or B&W
    • Composition
    • Lighting
    • Angle and distance to subject
    • Candid or posed photos?
  4. Consider the need for text to accompany each photograph.
Do some advanced planning and make a list of the photographs you'd like to take. MOST of the work for this assignment will happen OUTSIDE of class and AWAY from school. Plan early and get started early on this one...

Friday, March 02, 2012

Next Project: SCNN Commercial

Your next assignment will be a 15-25 second SCNN commercial for anything school related. This could include a dance, a game, a club, an event, or anything else. Content must be related to the specific school related item.

Your animation needs to include:
  • Music AND sound effects
  • Keyframe animation
  • Shape tween
  • Motion Tween
  • Two Movie Clips
  • Text that says either "SCNN" or the information for the school club, group, or event
Most of these projects will be between 200 and 400 frames each at 10 frames per second.

The Shorecrest Web Site:

Here is a list of clubs:

Here are the spring sports teams:

Boys' Baseball - website & email Alan Bruns JV, V
Boys' Golf - website & email Brian Story JV, V
Boys' Soccer - website & email Drew Thompson JV, V
Girls' Golf - website & email Bob Quiles JV, V
Girls' Fastpitch - website & email Jackie Berg JV, V
Girls' Tennis - website & email Wayne Abney, Rob Mann JV, V
Track (coed) - website & email Brandon Christiansen JV, V

Animation: Turn in Your Animation 1 Project

Please turn in your Animation 1 Project:

Export Movie
Select Quicktime Movie
Use the naming convention to save your work
(5_mitchellt_Animation 1)

·  Go
·  Connect to server
·  Name: scvideo
·  Password: Jetta23
·  SC video classes
·  Drop your file into Period 5