Sunday, January 27, 2013

Animation Monday January 28

1. Export a 2nd or 3rd angle from Maya (see below).
2. Change your still frame duration in Final Cut Pro (see below).
3. Import your separate Maya angle folders into Final Cut Pro (see below).
3. Place your pictures from one angle into the timeline. Make sure the pictures are placed in the proper order.
4. Grab pictures you want from a new angle folder. Select 20-30 at a time. Place these picture directly ABOVE the exact same numbered pictures on the timeline (these will show on Video line 2).

Now when you play your animation you should see these new angled pictures instead of the old angle.
5. Add sound effects, music, titles, and credits.
6. File>Export>Quicktime Conversion>Apple TV format
7. Drop videos into the vidstore server

We will watch videos at the beginning of class Wednesday.
Please note, computers will be wiped Wednesday after school. Grab a blank DVD or use Dropbox to save your work before the computers are wiped.

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