Monday, March 26, 2007

Look up synonyms to help pick a creative B-Movie Title

B-Movie Poster

Steps for B-Movie Poster

1. Brainstorm and sketch ideas on paper. Show Mr. Mitchell your four ideas and pick one to work on.
2. Spend time to get any background/landscape pictures that you need. Pick a place that you could potentially have monsters climb on/destroy/reappear from/or live. Your poster must have at least one digital image taken with a camera.
3. Import your background photos to your computer.
4. Create a new document in Photoshop at 8.5 *11 inches with the same resolution as your pictures you take.
5. Add background photo to new document.
6. Manipulate photos to work within your poster. Use free transform to adjust sizes. Hold down the shift key to constrain proportions. Don't forget you need victims and a monster.
7. Go to and pick a text to create that is appropriate for your poster. Text with blood, fire, or multiple colors also seem to work best. You will make text for your movie name as well as tag-lines and movie stars. The text should go well together.
7b. Check in with Mr. Mitchell to make sure everything is OK.
8. Once you have completed all of your poster you will need to merge layers and convert your picture to grayscale.
9. You will now paint your picture at approximately 23%-30% opacity. Pick colors that stand out.
10. Check in with Mr. Mitchell again and print.

Grading will be based on the following:
Creative movie title
Creative use of text effects for title and tag lines
Interesting/scary monster or villian
Use of digital image
Color Coordination
Realism of poster (does it look like something we would see in a theater)
Logo included
Movie details included in small print (directed by,starring, rating etc.)

Take your time on this project! Most likely this project will take us up to spring break.
Tuesday/Wednesday will be all day shooting days to gather background and villian images. Whatever you don't shoot during class is homework.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wed and Thursday Photo Work

  • Use the entire period to manipulate four of your best portrait pictures.
  • Use the clone stamp, patch too, and gaussian blur effect to airbrush the subject's face.
  • Use brightness/contrast, shafor/exposure/, and color balance etc. to get the perfect color.
  • Crop as needed.
  • You may draw on your pictures or add text.
  • You may NOT use any image that you did not take a picture of yourself.
  • This picture CAN look manipulated.
  • Experiment with Photoshop. Be original and creative. Have fun.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wednesday/Thursday Work For Photo

  • Finish your grayscale pics during class.
  • Create two 4*6 pictures and put them on one document.
  • One of the pictures will be a shadow, one will be a pattern.
  • Save this document.
  • Next, look at Getty Images for Portrait ideas. Brainstorm four portrait ideas, sketch them out on one sheet of paper, and turn these four sketches in. Under each picture briefly describe the idea.
  • Your portraits are due next Monday, which means you have homework.
  • Email me with any questions.

Portrait Assignment: pictures due on Monday

1. Find an interesting human subject. The person you choose should WANT to be in the picture and they should be willing to cooperate.
2. Talk to your subject. Use colors or lighting to create a concept for your portrait. Costumes or uniforms work great. Imaginary ideas are OK. Choose an interesting setting based on your concept.
3. Change angles between shots. Shoot at least 24 pictures of the SAME subject.
4. Use props if they will help the audience learn something about the subject.
5. Vary the lighting. Use filters, flashlights, lamps, or multiple lights to enhance your picture.
6. Encourage different emotional looks. Pretend you are Austin Powers taking pictures. Tell your subject they are "groovy".
7. Having your subjects "pose" in action is just fine.
8. Most importantly for this assignment don't forget your compostion rules. Use framing, leading lines, rule of thirds, color contrast etc. to enhance your photo. Fill the frame.

Portrait Assignment Examples

Monday, March 05, 2007

Brightness/Contrast, Shadows, and Patterns

Your next assignment will focus on Brightness/Contrast, Shadows, and Patterns with Black and White Photos.

You will create albums in IPhoto for the following categories:
natural light shadows, man-made light shadows, and patterns.

You should have at least 24 quality photos in each album. However, you will probably shoot 100-150 pictures.
For your lighting pictures you should have at least four different subjects. I would recommend shooting five to six angles for each shot. Also, experimenting withe the F-Stop is a great idea.

Tuesday/Wednesday will be an all-day shooting period. You may leave during TAP or lunch as long as you sign out first. You need to be back to import your photos 15 minutes before the end of class.

You will be graded on both your pictures in the albums as well as the pictures you print.

You must have at least a C- and your out-of-class permission form in to leave class Tuesday/Wednesday.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Weekend Homework

Shoot 24 shadow shots.
You should have at least four main subjects.
Remember to use proper composition in each shot and fill the frame.