Friday, September 28, 2007

Printing Procedures

Send me 1 picture for printing.

1. Save picture as high quality jpeg using the naming convention and landscape as your assignment name.
2. Make sure you save in pictures folder.
3. Go to the staff server ( and drop your picture in the proper period folder.
4. I will print from my computer.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Photo Homework

Your Photo Homework over the next five days is to shoot 24 images involving shadows and 24 images involving lightness/darkness relationships. You can shoot man made shadows as well as outdoor shadows.

Pictures are due Monday.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Grades etc.

Photo students:

You will not be able to go out and shoot Thursday or Friday if your first assignment (camera composition) is not done or if you do not have at least a C in the class.

Students will be required to take 24 GOOD pictures during class this week and another 24 over the weekend.

Some students missed our quiz. A zero is in the grade book. Grades will go online tomorrow.

Contact me with any questions.

Mr. Mitchell

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Out of Class Shooting on Thurs and Fri

Good evening,
Thurday during sixth period and Friday during 1st period will be the first out-of-class shooting days. Students will be working at landscape pictures at a location of their choice.
Please plan ahead to arrange your ride. Do you have a car? Can a parent or relative drive you to a location? Can you take the bus? If so, do you know where to get the schedule?

Students will need to return 15 minutes prior to the end of the period to upload pictures and then to show me their progress (pictures). Any student who does not work during this time will not be allowed out the rest of the semester.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Please see step #3 for Image Capture Use

To import pictures please do the following:

1. Plug in camera with USB chord or plug in Card Reader.
2. If you are importing ALL your pictures, open up IPhoto and select import. Your pictures will automatically go into the IPhoto library. (skip step three)
3. If you are only importing some of your pictures then open up Image Capture from the Applications folder. Once you are there select the 'download some' option. The select the pictures you want to download. The pictures should end up in your pictures folder on the hard drive. You will need to drag these pictures into IPhoto.
4. When you have all of your photos in IPhoto, you can drag each photo into the proper Photo album.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Homework For Thursday and Friday

Color Contrast
Rule of Thirds
Leading the Subject
Horizon Line
5 angles

Any shots that you do not complete in class will be homework. Or, if you don't feel your class shots are that great, please re-do them outside of class.

Remember your USB Chords, Cameras, and extra batteries everyday.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Key Terms

Key Terms From Weekend Reading

  • lens speed
  • iris
  • f-stops
  • aperture

The figure at the right compares f-stop sizes.

  • depth of field
  • selective focus
  • macro setting
  • Strive for a Feeling of Unity

  • compose scenes around a single center of interest
  • Think of each shot as a statement
  • observe proper subject placement
  • leading the subject
  • the rule of thirds
  • The tone (brightness and darkness) of objects in a scene suggests weight
  • balance mass
  • leading lines
  • frame the central subject matter
  • Patterns
  • Color Contrast
  • Abstract
  • odd number of prime objects

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Intro Reading

Please take notes on the bold faced words as you read. We will be shooting the various composition elements next week, and we will also have a short quiz as well.
(start reading the above link at Strive for a Feeling of Unity)
(Look at further examples at bottom of page)

F-Stops and Shutter Speed

A very technical explantion of F-Stops and Shutter speed.

What kind of camera to buy?

If you have not bought a camera yet, please purchase one with at least 4 megapixels. This will ensure that the pictures you take can be blown up to print at at least 8.5 *11. If you can afford a camera with more megapixels, by all means get it. A camera with a high optical zoom is nice. Digital zoom doesn't mean much so don't be mislead by a high digital zoom (I'll explain more in class).
I know Canon cameras better than any other brand and I highly recommend them, but if you end up with a Nikon or Olympus etc. you should be fine.
You should be able to find a decent camera at Fry's or Best Buy for as little as $150-$175. Some really great cameras can be found in the $300-$400 range.
Please see me if you have questions.

Academic Plan

This class is an introduction to photography with an emphasis on using digital cameras and software programs designed for digital images. The class includes shooting photographs, importing images and manipulating them using Photoshop CS and IPhoto. The class will focus on mastering basic technical skills, creating artistic compositions, learning some history of photography, and learning about occupational options for photographers.

There will be a $20.00 fee for ink and paper. Student must bring their own digital camera and USB cable to each class everyday.
The Essential Academic Learnings in Art for this course
1. The student applies the creative process with arts knowledge and skills to reason
and solve problems.
2. The student uses at least one of the art forms to communicate ideas and feelings.
3. The student understands how the arts connect to other subject areas, life, and work.

The Essential Academic Learnings in Communication for this course
1. The student uses listening and observation skills to gain understanding.
2. The student communicates ideas clearly and effectively.

• Assisting students in establishing lifelong habits of reliability and promptness is one of the instructional objectives of this particular course. Progress toward this goal will be measured, at least in part, by tracking student attendance. Therefore, a student's grade or credit in this class may be adversely affected by reason of tardiness or absences to the extent defined by the current Shorewood High School Attendance Policy, which is hereby adopted for this class. In accordance with this policy, students with 9 or more absences will lose credit.

• If you are not in class when the bell rings, you are tardy. Tardies cannot be made up. It is your responsibility to be in class on time and prepared to go to work

• You cannot have more than:
3 tardies per semester to earn an “A”
6 tardies maximum per semester to earn a “B”
9 tardies maximum per semester to earn a “C”
12 tardies maximum per semester to earn a “D”
13 or more tardies, student will fail

• Demonstrate good leadership and citizenship through your actions in class.
• Keep a notebook including any and all assignments, notes, and all handouts.
• Keep up with the assignments.

Assessment of student progress toward mastering the Essential Learnings identified for this course is critical to student success. In addition to traditional assessment strategies (e.g., pencil and paper testing), assessment of students’ work in this class will include one or more of the following assessment strategies: student exhibitions, class presentations, artistic representation of core concepts, and multimedia presentations.

Projects are worth 50% of your grade.
Tests and quizzes are worth 30% of your grade.
Attendance, attitude, and participation are worth 20% of your grade.

A = 100 – 93% B- = 83.9 - 80% D+= 69.9 - 67%
A- = 92.9 - 90% C+ = 79.9 - 76% D = 66.9 - 60%
B+ = 89.9 - 87% C = 75.9 - 72% F = 59.9 - 0%
B = 86.9 - 84% C- = 71.9 - 70%

Students will be assigned homework on a regular basis. Homework will be turned in on time. Late work will receive a reduction of one grade per school day late. Work will not be accepted five school days after the due date.


Students, and therefore parents and guardians, are responsible for any and all equipment checked out during class or after school. This may include digital cameras valued at $800, Tripods valued at $80, and lighting reflectors valued at $60. If equipment is damaged or lost it must be repaired or replaced immediately.
Laptops will be used in this class only as directed by instructor.

Classroom Expectations

1. Be on time to class.
2. Show up ready for the job. Have paper, pencils, pens, videotapes, cameras, USB Cables & any related material you need to do class assignments everyday.
3. Food & liquids are not permitted in the computer labs.
4. You will rarely need laptops in this class. Only take them out when I give permission. Do not test me on this.
5. Clean up your station area before you leave.
6. Return equipment to its proper place.
7. Turn off monitors when instructed.
8. Use headphones to monitor sound. Bring headphones to class everyday.
9. Games on the computer are not allowed ever.
10. Listen respectfully. You will be given the same respect when you speak.