Monday, December 18, 2006

My Holiday Assignment

The theme this time is My Holiday. It's wide open in terms of picture subjects and concepts because everyone will have a different holiday/vacation. Take as many pictures as you can

Here are the composition elements you need to hit:

1. Tonal Balance
2. Balance Mass
3. Frame within a frame
4. Patterns or Shadows

A quick review of balance mass and tonal balance:

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Video 3 Class Website Is Up!

This site showcases the music videos directed by the students this semester.


Your theme this week is nature. From now until Thursday/Friday you will shoot approximately 48 pictures related to this theme.

You will take pictures in the following compostition categories:
1. Single Center of Interest
2. Light Focus
3. Color Contrast
4. Tonal Balance or Balance Mass
5. Patterns
6. Using Lines
7. Shadows

You may take pictures as wide as landscapes or as detailed as close-ups.
Your pictures may include animals.
You should shoot after school on your own at least one day for homework.

You will create albums in IPhoto with the composition names and place your pictures in those albums.

Plan ahead. Plan your shooting locations before you arrive to class.
Bring jackets and warm clothing.

Click here to look at examples on Getty Images.