Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Magazine 2 Adjustments

  • Use Photoshop to adjust your best 10 Magazine pictures.
  • Turn in your best10 pictures on a Contact Sheet called Magazine 2_adjusted.
  • Please make sure you pick 10 pictures of a variety of subjects shot from a variety of locations and angles.
  • You should have at least one landscape, macro or abstract, and action/activity picture.
  • Spend time on each picture making sure the exposure and color balance is correct.
  • These pictures should get people excited about visiting the city you chose.
  •   Next, turn your Best Six Pictures as Jpegs in a folder called: Magazine 2 Best 6. 
  • Finally, turn in your Best Picture for printing by itself called Best Magazine to Print.

Required Adjustments:

One Grayscale

Selective Focus


Suggested adjustments:
One item left in color

Photo Filter



Portrait/People shots: Gaussian Blur, Clone Stamp, and Patch Tool 

Due Today

Next up: Light Painting

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