Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Printing Info

First adjust the brightness on your document about 15-20 (image>brightness and contrast) because our printer prints dark.

File>Print Preview
Select 'Select Scale to Fit Media' and 'Let Photoshop Determine Colors'
Select 'Page Setup' and select horizontal or vertical and click 'ok'
Select Print
Under Paper Type and Quality choose 'Glossy Paper'
Under Advanced pick 'maximum edge control' and 'Best Quality' Compression

School Poster Assignment

You will make a school-related poster that is 8.5 *11 inches and has 200 resolution.
The poster must contain a creative and orignal font and must be multi-colored.
Posters should be easy to read and conatain at least one border.

You must contact the advisor in charge of your selected activity.

Please include your logo at the bottom of the poster.

Poster Examples For Visual Tech (Click on small poster on left to view larger)|11662|2395

Staff List For Activities

This list will tell you what staff member is in charge of which activity here at Shorecrest. You will email this staff member to explain to them your poster project.