Tuesday, February 28, 2012

HDR Assignment


This is a new assignment for some of you and for others it's something you have done before. There are detailed instructions on how to create HDR pictures below.

I'll give you some hints:
1. Use a tripod or something else completely steady.
 2. Take 8-10 pictures using a variety of shutter speeds from almost dark to too bright. (Adjusting aperture only works also). Please use the snow, sun, landscape, action, firework, and beach settings etc. if you are using a camera that cannot manually adjust
3. Make sure tripod is completely steady.
4. Import pictures and put all the HDR pictures in a folder on the desktop
5 Merge pics in Photoshop using automate>merge>HDR

You should take 40-50 pictures from one awesome scenic location. This translates to five or six HDR merges. Note: review all 8-10 of your shots before changing angles.

Turn in a contact sheet with 16-20 pictures and also turn in one good HDR picture.
Email me with questions.

Weekend HDR Homework:
40-50 more pictures with some type of large subject in the foreground.

Step-By-Step HDR Instruction


In the instructions above they suggest you change your shutter speed (I have successfully created HDR merges with aperture adjustment). I will recommend you try both. You CAN take HDR pictures using a point and shoot camera. Instead of adjusting the aperture you can try different settings for each picture like Beach, Snow, Clouds, and Sun etc.

HDR Pictures

Each of these pictures is actually three pictures combined, each with a different aperture setting.

Magazine 2 Adjustments

Use Photoshop to adjust your best six Magazine pictures.
Turn in your best six pictures on a Contact Sheet called Magazine 2_adjusted.
Please make sure you pick six pictures of a variety of subjects shot from a variety of locations and angles.
You should have at least one landscape, close-up, and action/activity picture.

Spend time on each picture making sure the exposure and color balance is correct.
These pictures should get people excited about visiting the city you chose.

Finally, turn in your best picture for printing by itself called Best Magazine.

Required Adjustments:

One Grayscale

Selective Focus


Suggested adjustments:
One item left in color

Photo Filter



Portraits: Gaussian Blur, Clone Stamp, and Patch Tool 

Due Today

Next up: HDR 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Updated 1st Animation Project

1st Big Animation Assignment

Animation Assignment

  • 5+ layers
      60+ frames
      15+ keyframes
      foreground, mid-ground, and background
      both shape and motion tweens
  •  1 Movie Clip
  • All items on separate layers
  • 2 Sound Effects
  • Music or ambient noise throughout
You will work on this assignment Wed and Fri.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Steps for B-Movie Poster
1. Brainstorm and sketch ideas on paper.
2. Spend time to get any background/landscape pictures that you need. Pick a place that you could potentially have monsters climb on/destroy/reappear from/or live. Your poster must have at least one digital image taken with a camera.
3. Import your background photos to your computer.
4. Create a new document in Photoshop at 8*10  inches with 200 resolution.
5. Add background photo to new document.
6. Manipulate photos to work within your poster. Use free transform to adjust sizes. Hold down the shift key to constrain proportions. Don't forget you need victims and a monster.
7.  Pick a text to create that is appropriate for your poster. Text with blood, fire, or multiple colors also seem to work best. You will make text for your movie name as well as tag-lines and movie stars. The text should go well together.
8. Once you have completed all of your poster you will need to merge layers and convert your picture to grayscale.
9. You will now paint your picture at approximately 23%-30% opacity. Pick colors that stand out.

Grading will be based on the following:
Creative movie title
Creative use of text effects for title and tag lines
Interesting/scary monster or villian
Use of digital image
Color Coordination
Realism of poster (does it look like something we would see in a theater)
Logo included
Movie details included in small print (directed by,starring, rating etc.)

Take your time on this project!




Edit Your Shoreline Magazine Pictures

Today you will edit 20 of your landscape pictures in the following manner:
  • Two Selective Focus
  • Two One Item Kept in Color with the History Brush
  • Two Vivid Color or High Saturation
  • Two Black and White/Grayscale
  • Two Vignette
  • 10 Instagram

Please  create a Contact Sheet with all 20 pictures named Shoreline Adjusted and turn it in to the Classes/Period 2 folder on the server.
 Please make sure the picture adjustment name is saved under each picture in the contact sheet.

  • Take (literally) a few hundred pictures in the city of your choice. 
  • Sell me this city via your pictures. Make me move there! Please try to get to six or seven locations within this city.
  • Shoot landscape, portrait, action, macro, and abstract shots.
  • Shoreline and Lake Forest Park are not options for this assignment.
  • You will turn in at least three contact sheets when you return from break.

Monday, February 13, 2012

1st Big Animation Assignment

Animation Assignment

  • 5+ layers
      60+ frames
      15+ keyframes
      foreground, mid-ground, and background
      both shape and motion tweens
  •  1 Movie Clip
  • All items on separate layers
You will work on this assignment Wed and Fri.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Class Reading

Class work and homework
This is not a writing intensive course, but there is some reading the first couple weeks of class.
Please take notes on the bold faced words as you read from the links below. You will be shooting the various composition elements this weekend and next week. We will also have a quiz on this material as well.

Wednesday Reading and Homework:


In Class reading:

(Take quizzes at the end of each section below)

http://cybercollege.com/tvp023.htm Start reading at "Strive for Feeling of Unity"

This Friday you will shoot six pictures with six different subjects. Please shoot three Rule of Thirds shots and three Unique Angle shots. Your homework is to shoot three leading lines shots and three frame within a frame (using other objects to frame your subject) shots.

Due Monday  the 14th of February: 12 INTERESTING shots using all four techniques described above.
Some people will take 30-40 pictures for 12 good ones.

Make sure you read both sections above.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Animation: Watch Flash Movies!

First Animation Assignment

I would like you to visit the following websites and watch a variety of flash animation.

When you are done watching the animation (spend about 30-35 minutes or so on this) I would like you to tell me what your three favorite flash movies were and why you liked them.
Did you like the storyline? Animation style? Sound effects? Music?
Please list this information, along with the link to access the animation, in the comments section below. Don't forget to put your name at the beginning so I know you did your work. Please use headphones.



Welcome to class! Don't forget to fill in the comment section with your favorite videos. Log in as anonymous and then write your name at the top of your comment.
Mr. Mitchell

Multimedia Assignment 1

Create a manipulated image

Use Photoshop to combine two images into one to make an interesting or comical picture:

Friday, February 03, 2012

Digital Photo 2: Review Week

Digital Photo: Shutter and Aperture


Digital Photo 2 Composition Review and Pick 5 Assignment

Please review the composition examples below:




Your assignment today is to shoot five compositions from the list below. Please shoot these with the camera in MANUAL mode, adjusting both the F-stop and Shutter Speed each time.
I recommend shooting at least four or five attempts for each composition.

  • Color Contrast
  • Tonal Balance
  • Balance Mass
  • Leading Lines
  • Framing or Frame Within a Frame
  • Interesting Pattern
  • Selective Focus
  • S-Curve
  • Three objects creating a triangle