Tuesday, October 25, 2005


First adjust the brightness on your document about 15-20 (image>brightness and contrast) because our printer prints dark.

File>Print Preview
Select 'Select Scale to Fit Media' and 'Let Photoshop Determine Colors'
Select 'Page Setup' and select horizontal or vertical and click 'ok'
Select Print
Under Paper Type and Quality choose 'Glossy Paper'
Under Advanced pick 'maximum edge control' and 'Best Quality' Compression

SCNN Comedy Challenge Poster

You will make a poster that is 8.5 *11 inches and has 200 resolution.
The poster must contain a creative and orignal font and must be multi-colored.
Posters should be easy to read and conatain at least one border.

The poster needs to contain the following pieces of information:
SCNN Comedy Challenge
Turn in an edited 1:00 comedy video to Mr. Mitchell by December 9th
The top two videos will air on SCNN

(You can definitely enhance the poster with headlines or taglines like " Do you like to make people laugh" etc.)

Rules (small print)
Videos may be no longer or shorter than 1:00
Videos must be school appropriate
Videos should contain proper framing and editing techniques (no jump cuts)
You may use only 30 seconds of a "popular" song in your video

Mr. Story will come in and judge your posters next Tuesday. His top five posters will receive an automatic A and they will also be put on the walls around school.

Check out these websites for poster ideas:
http://www.pearljam.com/posters.html (Click on small poster on left to view larger)

Friday, October 21, 2005

CD Cover Assignment for Digital Photo

CD Assignment
You will create a front and back cover to insert into a blank CD case.

First you will open Photoshop and create two new blank documents. Both of these documents should be approximately 4.875 inches * 4.875 inches.

Front Cover:
• CD Name and Band Names in fonts of your choice from Good-Tutorials.com
• Fictional Band Name in font of your choice.
• Use your own pictures only. Every item on both covers must be something you took a picture of.
• An appropriate and well planned background if your picture is smaller than 4.875 inches. Gradients are always a nice option too for backgrounds.

Back Cover:
• Five pictures. Your five pictures can be band members playing music, singing, signing autographs, or you can make a collage (See The Beatles Sergeant Lonely Hearts Club Band or Revolver down below for good collage examples).
• Track List
• Copyright Information
• Well-designed background

Tools and Effects utilized from Photoshop:
Clone Stamp, Eyedropper, Selection Tools, Layering, Color Gradients, Adjusting Colors, Text Effects, cut/paste, and Free Transform etc.