Thursday, December 16, 2010


One picture.
One zombie.
Adjust away.


Self Portrait Assignment

You will shoot four different self-portraits over break. You need to pick four photo types from the following five categories.
1. A self-portrait where color is emphasized. Color may include wardrobe, location, props, or natural objects. Think of your picture as a one or two color concept picture.
2. A picture that emphasizes lighting and shadows. This will be a grayscale self-portrait.
3. A self-portrait that showcases your interests and hobbies. In this picture we learn what you like to do away from school. Think about what interests you and transfer that into a photo.
4. A fantasy self-portrait. Dress up and use costumes. In this self-portrait you can use Photoshop to enhance your picture in any way, shape, or form. Transfer yourself to Hawaii or become a Viking like you have always wanted.
5. The Supermodel self-portrait. Dress up like a GQ or Cosmopolitan magazine model. This can be a grayscale or color picture. You will use Photoshop to airbrush and enhance this photo.

More ideas
Even more ideas

Video tip:

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Social Experiment Assignment

Photojournalism, or documentary photography, is the art telling a story with pictures. Currently, Shorecrest has hundreds of students participating in "The Social Experiment" and taking a break from all social networks. Regardless of your opinions of this event, it provides a prime opportunity for us as photographers to document this adventure! What comes to mind when you consider this week without create comforts of technology? Panic? Alternate forms of communication? withdrawals? Your task all week is to shoot 24 great images of your peers and otherwise telling the story of the social experiment. These pictures are due Thursday/Friday.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Family Portrait Assigment

You have two options for your family portrait assignment. You can shoot 24 pictures of your family members (with at least six attempts at a good group shot) or you can shoot some intentionally awkward pics like the ones at

Use your 20 Portrait Hints notes that you took in class.
All pictures, serious or not, must be well lit, in focus, and fill the frame.
Please try new poses and expressions and experiment with a variety of camera angles.

er 13th, 2010

Please email me with any questions at

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Upcoming Digital Photo Projects and Due Dates

Thursday/Friday this week: In-Studio/On Location Photo Shoot Day 1
Due: Portrait CS1

Monday/Tuesday the 22nd and 23rd: In-Studio/On Location Photo Shoot Day 2
Due: Portrait CS2

Thanksgiving Homework: Family Portraits

Tuesday/Wednesday the 30th and 1st: Portrait Editing
Portrait CS2
Family Portrait CS and note check

Monday, November 15, 2010

Portrait Edits

  • A Vignette Photo
  • Two Grayscale Method Photos
  • A One Item Kept in Color Photo
  • A selective Focus Photo
  • A minimally adjusted photo
  • One WHACKY anything goes portrait (change the colors, use the liquefy tool, and make this as unique and interesting as you can)
  • One picture where hair color (or another object) is significantly adjusted in a realistic way
  • 12 pictures adjusted by using any of the methods listed below.
Please use the following adjustment methods. When you save your work, please indicate which adjustment method you used in the name:
Clone Stamp (CS)
Patch Tool (P)
Gaussian Blur (GB)
Color Hair (CH)
Whiten Teeth (W)
Removing Hot Spots (HS)
Healing Method (HM)
Glamour Skin Softening (GS)

You will turn in a total of 20 Adjusted Portrait Pictures. You have to turn in the pictures listed above plus an additional 12 adjusted photos.

After you turn in your portraits adjusted, you will turn in the following:
Best Studio Portrait
Best Away From School Portrait
Best Family Portrait


Some examples of Broad and Short lighting using Winnie the Pooh and Woody.

Portrait Assignment

Portait Assignment

You will shoot portraits during the same time frame as the studio lighting assignment. You can have two days during class to shoot. One day you will shoot at school using the lights and the other day you will shoot off-campus. You can, and probably should, take pictures on the weekend as well.

1. Find two interesting human subjects. The people you choose should WANT to be in the picture and they should be willing to cooperate.
2. Talk to your subject. Use colors or lighting to create a concept for your portrait. Costumes or uniforms work great. Imaginary ideas are OK. Choose an interesting setting based on your concept.
3. Change angles between shots. Shoot at least 24 pictures of each subject.
4. Use props if they will help the audience learn something about the subject.
5. Vary the lighting. Use filters, flashlights, lamps, or multiple lights to enhance your picture. Use the different lighting techniques that you will read about in class (see above).
6. Encourage different emotional looks. Pretend you are Austin Powers taking pictures. Tell your subject they are "groovy".
7. Having your subjects "pose" in action is just fine.
8. Most importantly for this assignment don't forget your compostion rules. Use framing, leading lines, rule of thirds, color contrast etc. to enhance your photo. Fill the frame.

Portrait Hints

More Hints

Even more hints

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Photomerge Assignment

Your assignment over the next five to six days:

You will create Photomerge pictures. These are 3-5 pictures that overlap to show a wide landscape,cityscape, or sequence.

Your two Landscape style Photomerges should be taken at two different locations at two different times of day. Your sequence Photomerge can be taken any time at any place.

Use a tripod if possible. Remember to manual adjust white balance or select something like "cloudy" or "sunny" on your camera.

  • Three locations
  • One Photomerge from each location
  • make sure each Photomerge is taken at a different time

Thurs/Fri: Out of Class Shooting
Fri-Mon: Photomerge Weekend Homework

All three locations are due next Mon

Cool Abstract Pics!

Due Today: Together We Can

Please make sure your 20 adjusted Together We Can pictures are turned in. Don't forget to also turn in your Best Together We Can picture as well.
Finally, you will need your PTSA Together We Can entry form.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Abstract Editing

Turn in 24 edited abstract pictures:

  • Four Selective Focus (SF)
  • Four One item in Color (OC)
  • Four Vignette (Vig)
  • Four Vivid Color (Viv)
  • Four Enhance Saturation (Sat)
  • Four of your choice (this includes Grayscale) MC

Name this: abstract_adjusted_CS
Turn in your best Abstract Picture also.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Abstract Assignment

For this assignment you will shoot all day Thursday in class and the weekend. You need to shoot a minimum of 48 different objects in an abstract way. One contact sheet will be due Thursday/Friday and the other will be due on Monday.

Please look at the links below for examples of abstract work.

Earth Photography

For this next assignment I want you to throw out all of the "rules" we've discussed in class this semester. This is your chance to be as creative as possible.
I would recommend looking for patterns, colors, and shapes when deciding on pictures to take. Also try to think of things you don't normally see pictures of.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Test Review

Test Review

1. When one subject is in focus and the other object is out of focus in a picture it is called _________________________.

2. The composition element that suggests you should shoot subjects off center is called _________________________.

3. _______________________ gives your subject space to walk and/or look in a picture.

4. The __________________ is the device responsible for the amount of light that gets into your camera.

5. The _________________ controls the speed of the light entering the camera.

6. An F-Stop of F-22 means you have a _____________ amount of light entering the camera.

7. An F-Stop of F/1.4 means you have a ______________ amount of light entering the camera.

8. A shutter speed of 1/250 to 1/1000 is good for _________________ pictures.

9. A picture that shows two subjects with two distinct and different colors is an example of __________________ composition.

10. ______________ is the term used to describe the focus length from your camera to your subject.

11. To adjust brightness/contrast you go ______________ then _______________ then ____________________.

12. Layer Style and Layer Mask buttons are located in the ________________ ___________________.

All Photoshop short cuts:crop, clone stamp, patch, lasso, burn and dodge, text, magic wand, move tool, marquee tool, and brush tool etc.

]* selective focus
* macro
* Strive for a feeling of unity
* compose scenes around a single center of interest
* Lighting to emphasize a point or idea
* leading the subject
* the rule of thirds
* horizontal and vertical lines
* tonal balance
* balance mass
* abstract
* leading lines
* frame the central subject matter
* color contrast
* # of prime objects
Convey Meaning Through Colors and Tones
* movement
(start reading the above link at Strive for a Feeling of Unity)
(Look at further examples at bottom of page)

Monday, October 04, 2010

Class Work Monday and Wednesday in Digital Photo

Turn in Grayscale Contact Sheet 2. Please make sure you send it to me as a JPEG and use the naming convention.

Please adjust your best 30 pictures pictures using the six methods we discussed in class.
You must adjust five pictures for each adjustment method.

The adjustment methods: Basic Black and White (BBW), Calculations Method (CM), Lightness Channel (LC), Ansel Adams(AA), Duotone (DUO), and Basic Channel Mixer (BCM).

Please save and name each picture with the appropriate adjustment method abbreviation (BBW or CM etc.)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grayscale: Pattern and Shadow Assignment

Your assignment over the next week is to shoot 24 pictures involving man-made shadows and 24 other images involving lightness/darkness relationships with a focus on patterns.

On Thursday/Friday you will shoot 24 pictures in-class using the manual adjustment mode.
Your homework over the weekend is to shoot 24 pictures with your own camera using any mode you like. For your weekend assignment you may shoot during the outside during the day or night or you may use man made light at any time.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Landscape Work To Turn In

· Turn in Landscape CS2

· Edit and adjust your ten best pictures. Make sure they look “real.”

· Create contact sheet with ten best pictures called landscape adjusted _CS

· Turn in your best_adjusted_landscape full size as a jpeg

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What should be turned in so far this quarter?

1. Academic Plan
2. Out of Class Permission Form
3. Classroom Rules
4. Composition CS1
5. Composition CS2
6. Landscape CS1
7. Five Changes in Photoshop
8. Landscape CS2

We had a couple students who could not shoot today because they did not have a C in the class. Please make sure all of your assignments are turned in.

Monday is an editing and adjustment day. You will NOT need your camera.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Landscape Assignment (Homework)

Your homework this weekend is to shoot landscape pictures. These pictures are due Monday.

You will shoot at least 24 pictures from at least two separate locations.
You may shoot horizontal and vertical landscape pictures.

Please do not center the horizon line and try to show something in the foreground, mid-ground, and background.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Thursday Friday in Digital Photo

3 Shots Tonal Balance
3 Shots Balance Mass
3 Shots Patterns

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

How to create a Contact Sheet

  • Create a new folder on your desktop with your pictures.
  • Open Photoshop CS3.
  • Select File>Automate>Contact Sheet II
  • Select on Folder and choose the folder your created.
  • Make sure the image size is 8*10 inches.
  • The resolution should be 300.
  • Columns and rows will vary: 12 pictures = 3*4 and 24 pictures=5*5
  • Click OK.
  • File>Save as a jpeg

Drop contacts shet into the STAFF server period 3/4 and make sure you use the naming convention. Contact sheets and other assignments without the naming convention will not be graded.

Tuesday/Wednesday in Digital Photo

Class work
You will take pictures emphasizing camera composition we discussed in class. Please fill the frame in every shot with something interesting. Boring pictures will not be accepted.

  • 5 Shots showing rule of thirds
  • 3 shots showing proper use of the horizon line (I would shoot from the baseball, football, and softball fields). Please try to show foreground, mid-ground, and background if possible.
  • 3 leading lines shots
  • 3 shots showing frame within a frame
When you are finished please import your pictures into iPhoto using your USB cable.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Class work and homework
This is not a writing intensive course, but there is some reading the first couple weeks of class.
Please take notes on the bold faced words as you read from the links below. You will be shooting the various composition elements this weekend and next week. We will also have a quiz on this material as well.

Friday's Reading and Homework:

In class:


Next Wednesday you will shoot six pictures with six different subjects. Please shoot three Rule of Thirds shots and three Unique Angle shots. Your homework is to shoot three leading lines shots and three frame within a frame (using other objects to frame your subject) shots.

Due Friday the 10th of September: 12 INTERESTING shots using all four techniques described above.Some people will take 30-40 pictures for 12 good ones.
You do not have to shoot outside.

Make sure you read both sections above.

Email Me Please

Send me an email to and answer the questions below. Also, please CC one or both parents or guardians on this email so I can contact them via email as needed.

First, make sure you you tell me your complete name. Also include Photo 3 or Photo 4 in the subject line.

1. Why did you sign up for this course?
2. What experience do you have with cameras?
3. What kind of camera do you have?
4. What kind of movies and TV shows do you like?
5. What kind of music do you listen to?
6. List two or three things I should know about you so I can help ensure you do well in this class.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Final Photo Assignment For Underclassmen

Next assignment for underclassmen:

Student choice.
Two different picture styles. You will shoot one tomorrow during our 50 minute period. You will shoot the other one between now and next Monday.

Eligible: Landscape, Action, Long Shutter, Photomerge, HDR, and Portrait. You may also shoot based around an idea/concept or poem/quote with prior approval.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Digital Photography 2 Final

Due Wednesday:
One Edited/Adjusted Landscape HDR Picture
One Edited/Adjusted Subject of Your Choice HDR Picture
One Contact Sheet with HDR Pictures

Each picture should showcase some amazing HDR lighting effects.
Each picture should also feature an interesting subject, shot from a unique or creative angle.

Friday, June 04, 2010

New Blender Tutorial

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Lip Dub Scavenger Hunt


This is a new assignment for some of you and for others it's new. There are detailed instructions on how to create HDR pictures below.

I'll give you some hints:
1. Use a tripod.
2. Take 8-10 pictures using a variety of shutter speeds from almost dark to too bright. (Adjusting aperture only works also).
3. Make sure tripod is completely steady.
4. Import pictures and put all the HDR pictures in a folder on the desktop
5 Merge pics in Photoshop using automate>merge>HDR

Your assignment today is to read the instructions and using your own cameras (or a friends) go in groups of 3-4 and take a scenic OR landscape type shot 8-10 times using the HDR technique described below. Do this for two locations somewhat near school.
At 11:30 (not 11:40) please return and import your photos and then merge them to HDR. You can eliminate any pictures that you don't need.

Turn in a contact sheet with 16-20 pictures and also turn in one good HDR picture.
Email me with questions.

Step-By-Step HDR Instruction


In the instructions above they suggest you change your shutter speed (I have successfully created HDR merges with aperture adjustment). I will recommend you try both.

HDR Pictures

Each of these pictures is actually three pictures combined, each with a different aperture setting.