Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Creating Sounds in GarageBand

Create New Project.

Name your project.

Go to Track>New Track.
Select Real Instrument.

Select Vocals and pick your vocal style.

Plug in microphone and select "yes" when you are asked if you want to use C-Media USB Audio Device.

Check input source and adjust recording level.

Click on the track you want to record and click the red record butting when you want to start recording.

To share your sound so you can use it in Flash or other programs:

Make sure you remember exactly where you save your file.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Digital Photo 2: Candid Photography

Candid Assignment between now and Monday

Read these tips:

Your assignment is to shoot two contact sheets full of candid photos between now and Monday. One of these contact sheets will be shot during class on Thursday. You will check out of class at 10:00 am and return at 11:55.

For each picture you should emphasize a specific composition element other than rule of thirds.
If you need a refresher on composition elements they can be reviewed at:

These include, but are not limited to: frame within a frame, leading lines, color contrast, movement and meaning, multiple levels of meaning, leading the subject, and using light to highlight or enhance a certain section of your picture. Move the camera around. Shoot high and low angles.

For this assignment I want you to get as far away from Shorecrest as possible. Downtown Seattle, Capital Hill, Fremont, and the U District are all great places to shoot "random" people, but Lake Forest Park could be just as effective. Make sure you ask permission to take pictures (especially if you are taking pictures of kids).

Unintentional out-of-focus pictures will not be accepted. If you would like to try a some selective focus shots please tell me before you go out shooting and I can lend you a long lens.

Getty Images Candid Pics

Monday, February 23, 2015

Flash SCNN Commercial

Next Animation Project: SCNN

Your next assignment will be a 15-25 second SCNN commercial for anything school related. This could include a dance, a game, a club, an event, or anything else. Content must be related to the specific school related item and must take place at the end of March at the earliest.

Your animation needs to include:
  • Music or sound effects throughout the entire animation
  • Dialogue (talking) characters
  • Foreground and Mid-ground objects and a detailed background
  • Keyframe animation
  • One Shape tween
  • Motion tweens
  • multiple movie clips
  • Text that describes the information for the school club, group, sport, or event
  • 180-300 frames

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Flash Animation Tutorials

Shape Tween Tutorial:
Movie Clip Tutorial:
How to add sound:
Animate background to simulate movement:

Adding Sound Effects Folder to Your Computer from the Vidstore Server

Click on desktop

Select Go at the top of the screen
Select Connect to server

Type Vidstore
Click Connect
Name: scvideo
Password: Outback23
Select SC Video Classes

Public Folder

Search for the Sound Effects folder, hold down option, select the folder, and drag it to the desktop

Flash Animation Assignment

First "Real" Animation Assignment

Animation Assignment

  • 1920*1080
  • 12 FPS
  • 5+ layers
  •   60+ frames
  •   15+ keyframes 
  • Detailed characters
  •   foreground, mid-ground, and background
  •   both shape and motion tweens
  •  2 Detailed Movie Clips
  • At least three Sound Effects 
  • All items on separate layers 
You will work on this assignment Wednesday, Friday, and Monday.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Types of photos for Magazine Assingnment

Moving People

How do each of your photos encourage people to visit Shoreline? What makes each picture unique and special?
Photo 2: Shoreline Magazine Assignment

You work for Shoreline Magazine. Your job as the Photojournalist for Shoreline Magazine is to take pictures that will encourage people to visit or move to Shoreline. In other words, you need to take pictures of everything Shoreline (including Lake Forest Park) has to offer.

  • Take (literally) a few hundred pictures in Shoreline. 
  •  Please try to get to seven or eight locations.
  • Shoot landscape, portrait, pattern, shadow, action, macro, and abstract shots.
  • Try to shoot as many of the Elements of Design as possible: line, form, shape, color, texture, balance, rhythm, positive/negative space.
  • Shoot as far east as Lake Washington and as far west as Richmond Beach.
  • Don't forget about all the parks, trails, streams, (limited) nightlife, and even some of the stores.

At the end of the assignment you will turn in eight high quality images. You will name each image using the Element of Design that fits best.

 To receive an A you must go to a variety of locations, shoot a variety of interesting subjects, use a variety of the Elements and Principles of Design.
Thursday February 5: All period shooting day
Homework: Two contact sheets full of Shoreline images due Tuesday February 12.
Tuesday February 10: Another all period shooting day
Thursday Febraury 12: adjust Photos in Photoshop. Turn in final images.

Connect To Vidstore

Connect to server
Name: scvideo
Password: Outback23
Sc video classes
Period 4

Create a Contact Sheet in Adobe Bridge

Put your SD card into the back of the computer or plug in your camera using a USB chord.

1. Import your pictures using Image Capture
2. Create a folder on your computer.
3. Drag the pictures you want to use in this Contact Sheet  into this new folder.
4. Open Adobe Bridge CS6
5. On left hand side find your folder and select it.
6. Select the files down below so that they show up in the Preview section. You can select the pictures via lasso, shift key, or command key.
7. On the right hand side select Output. Make sure .pdf is selected. Columns and rows will vary.
  • 6 pictures means columns and rows=2*3
  • 12 pictures means columns and rows=3*4
  • 20 pictures means columns and rows 4*5
  • 24 pictures means columns and rows=4*6

 8. Click save in the lower right hand corner. Save to your pictures folder.
9. Upload .pdf Contact Sheet to the Staff Server>Mr. Mitchell>Correct Class Period