Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Photo 1 Panning Technique

Photo 1: Panning

The panning shutter technique keeps your main subject in focus and blurs everything else in the picture.
Please read this helpful explanation and take notes.
Please watch this video to help reinforce your reading.

This video will help explain the process. It takes a great deal of practice in order to master this skill.

Monday, October 19, 2015

AP: Color Harmony

Project #2 - Color Harmony

Step 1

Visit the following website HERE to review a short article on Color Harmony as it exists in Complimentary and Analogous color schemes.  Create a Digital Journal (more detailed notes) using a program of your choice and add these definitions.  
Find 3 visual examples of each online and paste them into your Digital Journal.


Select only four themes from the list below and photograph in color—THINK IN COLOR
Take 5 solid examples of each of those photos.  You will have total of 20 photos completed for this assignment.

1.            Reflections in chrome or other reflective surface           
2.            Reflections in water
3.            Store window reflections (e.g., an antique or consignment store)
4.            Light through a window
5.            Motorcycle close-up or car engine close-up
6.            Architectural detail
7.            Dual portraits of your friends
8.            Lines and patterns
9.            Foreshortened image
10.          Close-up of texture
11.          Silhouette
12.          Motion/Panning
13.          Perspective

Create a contact sheet and make sure to include which 4 themes you chose for this assignment anywhere in the negative space on the contact sheet.  Save it as a JPEG and name it _AP color.
Turn in 1 photo for printing and name it _print2 

All of these pictures are due on Monday, October 26th. You can have shooting days on Oct. 21 and Oct 23. You will probably shoot hundred of pictures for this assignment.

Your grade for this assignment will be based on several factors:
  • Completion of each image turned in on a contact sheet.
  • Turned in on time (formative)
  • The quality and creativity of your 20 best images
  • Your choice of which photos to possibly use for your portfolio (summative).

Shorecrest Action Photo Assignment

Here is a link to some great action photos. Please notice how most of these photos show engaging action in an interesting location. You will shoot similar photos during our Action Photo unit.

You are going to shoot 100 Shorecrest action photos sometime between Wednesday October 21st and Tuesday October 27. These photo shoots must take place at a Shorecrest related event or sport. For example, you could take pictures of the Hip Hop, Volleyball, Football, Soccer, or Flag teams. Photos are due at the beginning of the period on October 28. You can choose multiple groups/events if you want.

On Monday the 19th you will choose the group for your photo shoot.
Please look at the different Shorecrest activities and sports located here and here to help make your decision.
Please email the coach/advisor of your selected activity and (in complete sentences) let them know the following information:
1. Your name and class.
2. Purpose of project.
3. Day and time you would like to shoot (games are preferred over practices).
4. Please ask if your suggested timeline is OK or if they would prefer a different date/time. 
5. Please cc me on the email. My email is 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Next Photography 1 Unit: Manual Photography

Photo 1: Manual Camera Work

Manual Adjustments:Aperture and Shutter Speed

Please watch and take notes on both videos below:
Manual Settings Video
Manual Settings Video 2

Manual Adjustments:Aperture and Shutter Speed

F-Stops and Shutter Speed Hints

Please take detailed notes in your own words on the top two reading assignment. You will using the material you learn this week on the cameras. Use the cameras simulators below when you are done.

Camera simulator:


Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Landscape Adjustments

Landscape Adjustments

Today you have the entire period to edit Landscape photos in Photoshop.
First, pick your best 12 landscapes overall and place them in a folder.
Next, open up each one and touch them up in Photoshop to make the pictures look even better.

Below are some tutorials that will give you ideas on how to adjust landscapes. Please work through each one with separate landscape photos.
Landscape Photography Editing Tutorial - Photoshop CS6
Tips To Create An Awesome Landscape Photo (Photography Tutorial)
Photoshop Tutorial: Landscape Editing
Curves, Curves, Curves! - Photoshop CS6 Tutorial

You can also do any of the following adjustments we talked about in class:
Get rid of power lines, garbage cans, and other distracting objects using Clone Stamp (S) and Copy/Paste.
Adjust the horizon line using Free Transform (Command-T).
Crop your picture as needed.
Change the overall color using color balance.
Adjust the warmth or coolness of your photo using Image>Adjustments>Photo Filter.

Please File>Save As each photo when you are done editing. Place these pictures in a new folder.

 Here is what is due to finish the Landscape Unit
1. 12 Photoshop Adjusted Landscapes from at least three locations with at least 3 sunset/sunrise photos in a 3*4 contact sheet. 
Call these 12 adjusted photos "Landscape Adjusted CS."
2. Your best Landscape as a .jpeg file. Call this "Best Landscape."
Always use the naming convention. Example: 1_Mitchellt_Best Landscape