Sunday, January 27, 2013

Animation Monday January 28

1. Export a 2nd or 3rd angle from Maya (see below).
2. Change your still frame duration in Final Cut Pro (see below).
3. Import your separate Maya angle folders into Final Cut Pro (see below).
3. Place your pictures from one angle into the timeline. Make sure the pictures are placed in the proper order.
4. Grab pictures you want from a new angle folder. Select 20-30 at a time. Place these picture directly ABOVE the exact same numbered pictures on the timeline (these will show on Video line 2).

Now when you play your animation you should see these new angled pictures instead of the old angle.
5. Add sound effects, music, titles, and credits.
6. File>Export>Quicktime Conversion>Apple TV format
7. Drop videos into the vidstore server

We will watch videos at the beginning of class Wednesday.
Please note, computers will be wiped Wednesday after school. Grab a blank DVD or use Dropbox to save your work before the computers are wiped.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Exporting From Maya into Final Cut

(You can see the pictures better by clicking on each icon).

1st Click on the Render Settings Button in the upper right hand corner.
Next, change your settings to match the one's listed below.

Make sure you are exporting your pictures as TIFF files and that name.#.ext is used.
Also, don't forget to change your starting and ending frames.

You can export four different camera angles so that you can change angles in Final Cut.
You will need to export four different times to get each angle.

Next, click out of the Render Settings Box and go to Render in the top Maya menu.
First, click Render in the upper left hand corner:
Next, choose Render and Batch Render.

It will take a few minutes to Render your pictures each time you Render a different angle.
Your images will show here:
Create a new folder within this folder for each angle. For example, you could call the folder "Angle 1" or you could call it "Perspective View."

Next, open Final Cut.
In the Final Cut Preferences under 'User Settings' please change the still frame duration to one frame:
Next, import your pictures into Final Cut by going to File>Import>Folder
You will need to import each angle separately.

Finally, place your pictures in the order you want on the timeline. Next, add music and sound effects as needed.
Don't forget to create a title and credits at the beginning and end.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Final Project Treatment

This Treatment is due by Wednesday the 8th (not Thursday the 9th).

1. What is your theme for your final project?Example: My theme project is Old America, Photomerge Seattle, or Man v. Nature.
2. Why did you choose this as your theme? What is interesting about this theme? Be specific. 2-3 sentences
3. What type of locations will you choose to shoot your pictures? Why? Keep in mind that you will need to leave campus and most likely leave Shoreline. Please give three or four examples.
4. What type of pictures do you hope to take? Action, portrait, landscape etc? A good photo essay will have a variety. Give me some specific examples and how they relate to your theme. Yes, I want you to attempt to describe pictures you haven't even taken yet. Visualize...
5. What kind of composition will you focus on in your pictures? You will need at least five composition elements (not counting rule-of-thirds). Yes, again I want to know what you are attempting before you shoot. What will you try that you haven't done before?
5b. How will your pictures convey emotion, either from your subject or from the viewer of the pictures? Why will an audience really enjoy these pictures?
6. How much work will be done at school and how much away from school?
7. If you don't have a car, how will you make sure you get to your locations? Can your parents help? How about public transit?
8. This project should showcase everything you have learned in Digital Photography. How will you ensure this happens? What Photoshop adjustment techniques will you use? Please give three or four examples.
9. Is there anything you are unclear about in terms of composition or shot styles and angles etc? This is the time to ask.
10. What type of camera or Photoshop experimentation will you try? HDR? Photomerge pictures? Aperture adjustments? Shutter Speed work?

Again, Send the treatment to my email account. Please CC at least one of your parents or guardians on the email so they know they extent of this project. They may need to help with transportation etc.

Photo 1 Final Project

Digital Photo: The Final Project

Photo Essay Requirements:

• First pick a general theme. For example, you might pick America, Democracy, or Responsibility. You will shoot photographs centered on this central theme. This may include camera experimentation like shutter speeds, HDR, aperture adjustments, or photomerges.

• Use what you've learned about photographic composition, lighting, color, lines, texture and use your camera to make a statement. Each individual photo will be graded accordingly. It is imperative you showcase your ability to shoot many angles of shots with many levels of camera composition (Review composition elements and types of shots if necessary).

• Your photographs should make both a visual and emotional/political/critical/intellectual statement. Your photo essay should contain at least 9 photographs. Below each picture you will also describe the composition elements used on each photo, what you did to adjust the picture, the photo settings used, why you picked this picture, and where you took the picture.

• Your photo essay should be something unique, new, and your own view of your selected theme.

A one-page reflection is also required. In this paper you need describe what you learned during your project. What did you learn about your subject, Photoshop, and photography in general. What was easy and difficult about your project? What would you do differently if you did it again? Finally, how far along do you think you have come as a photographer this semester?

• You can shoot B & W, Color, or both. It’s your artistic choice.

• You may digitally alter your photos as necessary in Photoshop. You should use all of the landscape style, portrait style, and Instagram styles as needed.

• Your pictures should be printed out either 3*5 or 4*6, two to three pictures per page with the exception of one photo that will be printed at 8.5 *11.

• Projects should be turned in on poster board or in a binder with written with the written reflection attached. Look at examples at the front of the room.

• You will also be dropping this assignment in the Staff server so that we may view each project in front of the class.

Thursday January 10th: Shooting Day 1
Weekend Homework: Shooting Day 2
Monday January 14: Adjustment Day
Tuesday January 15: Adjustment Day/Writing
Thursday January 17: Shooting Day 3
Weekend Homework: Shooting Day 4
Tuesday January 22: Optional Shooting Day if needed, Adjustment, Writing, and Printing Day
Thursday January 24: Adjustment, Writing, and Printing Day
January 29:Projects are due at the beginning of the period.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Self Portrait Adjustements

24 Total Adjustments 
 6 "Anything You Want Except Instagram" Adjustments
 4 Grayscale Adjustments using the specific methods you learned in class 
2 One or more items left in color 
2 Super Cropped Pictures 
2 Super Color Enhanced or Hyper Color (Vivid color) 
8 Instagram Adjustment Actions 
Please turn in a Self Portrait Adjusted Contact Sheet with all 24 pictures and a Best Self Portrait as a jpeg file.