Monday, May 24, 2010

Photo Period 3 Today

I'll be in shortly after 11:00.

Finish Posters if necessary.
Turn in Landscape contact sheet.
Pick your ten best pictures from the light sessions and make minimal adjustments.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Homework Assignment

A full Contact Sheet full of "long-shutter" pictures.
You can work on the car-light or landscape assignment.

Long Exposure Assignment Digital Photography

All assignments are with a long shutter.

Make lights move yourself. (Dance with lights etc.) Examples.

Landscape. (Sunrise or Sunset).


Moving water.

Motion Tracking. (Zoom in, tripod helps).

Blender Tutorials

Hot Key Reference List

What are you looking at while modeling?

Winter Scene (your first assignment)

Video Tutorial

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Friday May 7 in Digital Photography

1. Check Pop Culture Character List for our new music video. Choices are slimming. Email me if you want to dress up for the video. Let me know the character you want and your 4th period teacher.
2. Turn in Fashion Contact Sheets 1 and 2, and your Best 2Spring Quote Pictures. These are all due right now. I'll be grading this weekend.
3. Start your Fashion Magazine Cover and Adjustments. The assignment is listed below:

You will create a magazine cover page using your best Fashion picture. You will also create a eight-picture photo spread that details what your subject is wearing. Before I give you some tutorial examples, here and here are some example covers. Click on the images to get ideas for your cover.

Before you start your cover, you need to edit and adjust your pictures to make them look professional. Here is a list of adjustment methods we did last semester:

Clone Stamp (CS)
Patch Tool (P)
Gaussian Blur (GB)
Color Hair (CH)
Whiten Teeth (W)
Removing Hot Spots (HS)
Healing Method (HM)
Glamour Skin Softening (GS)

If you do not remember how to do these adjustments feel free to use the Photoshop book at the front of the room. Take your time. You have a few days to adjust your pictures and make your cover and picture spread. The bottom line is this: get rid of blemishes, tone down hot spots or glare, soften the skin, adjust colors for emphasis, use black and white (greyscale) if necessary, crop for effect, and play around with brightness/contrast etc.

Magazine Cover Tutorials: You can use the tutorials or create a cover without a tutorial.

After you create your cover you need to add text to eight of your pictures. This text, done in the same style as the Action Pics and Spring Quote Pics, should tell us the brand of each item of clothing like this example:

A quote from the subject or something interesting about the items is also a nice touch.

I'll talk to you about how we will turn these in on Monday.

Blender Download