Friday, June 14, 2013

Export From Premiere

Exporting From Adobe Premiere Pro

These are the settings to export HD Quality Video


Preset=HD 1080i 29.97
Video Codec=H.264
Check the Use Maximum Render Quality Box 
Click Export
Your Project Saves within the Adobe Folder in your Documents section on the Computer
Next, drop your video in the Vidstore Server. Don't forget to use the Naming Convention: 2-mitchellt-Sequence.


Connect to server    

Name: scvideo

Password: Outback23

Sc Video classes

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weebly Assignment: Professional Photo Portfolio

·   Pick a design scheme
·   Create Categories (Pages) for each assignment
·   Add Photo Slideshows or Galleries under each page (Multimedia section)
·   Write a sentence or two about you favorite picture or two in each category

Monday, June 03, 2013

Multimedia: After Effects and Premiere work

Please create and edit in After Effects.
Remember, your group can split up the After Effects creation between group members.
When you are done with the After Effects work please export the clips and then place them in the Vidstore>Public Folder for sharing.
Everyone will make their own edit in Adobe Premiere.
You will add:
Fade in and out
Sound effects for EVERY SINGLE EFFECT. This is very important.

The project is due at the end of the period on Wednesday June 12. Seniors will turn in their projects about 20 minutes early so we can watch them in class. You may need to edit for one or two hours outside of class in order to get this project done on time. You can edit during TAP or after school as needed.

Here is how you export from After Effects:
File>Export>Add to Render Queue
Output mode should be Lossless and you will select the Output mode to name your project and to pick where you want to save it.
Note: this video will NOT play properly in Quicktime but will work just fine when you open it in Premiere.

Here are some links to some good Premiere Tutorials in case you have questions.

The next Photo 2 Assignment (last assignment for Seniors): Still Life

Still Life Photography

  • For this Still Life assignment you will shoot inanimate subject matter in a very precise way.
  •  You will pick objects or items that go well together.
  • You will be very careful to select proper lighting and color.
  • Be creative with shadows.
  • If you'd like you can create a "larger meaning" with a combination of objects.
  • You will shoot the subject from multiple angles with different focus points.

Shoot 24-36 pictures during one Still Life photo session. These pictures are due Wednesday June 11.

Still Life Examples

Three great student examples:

Other examples:


Photo 1 June 4-10

Here is the schedule for this week in Photo 1. (Seniors, please see the special note for you at the bottom).

Tuesday June 4th
This is a shooting day. Please bring YOUR OWN cameras because I will not be checking cameras out. At the end of the period turn in your weekend work and the class work. The Contact Sheets should be called Final Project CS3 and CS4.
Some of you took pictures at two locations over the weekend. If you want to use Tuesday as an editing day you can. Don't forget to write down all Photoshop work as you go along. When you pick a "best picture" please write about the picture and include the following information:
·    Describe the location, photo composition and elements of design, rationale for picking picture, meaning of picture, anything unique about the circumstances or camera settings, and Photoshop adjustments.

Thursday June 6th
This is an all-day editing period for everyone.

Your Final Project Binder or Display is due on Tuesday June 11th. You will present your pictures to the class at that time. If you want me to print your pictures as 8*10 pictures (instead of going to Staples or Costco etc.) you will need to make sure they are in a folder called "naming convention_Final Pictures to Print" in the STAFF server. I will print these pictures Monday morning. 

Please note the following details for the Final Project:

A one-page reflection is also required. In this paper you need describe what you learned during your project. What did you learn about your subject, Photoshop, and photography in general. What was easy and difficult about your project? What would you do differently if you did it again? Finally, how far along do you think you have come as a photographer this semester?

• If you are creating a poster board your pictures should be printed out either  4*6 or 5*7,  with the exception of one photo that will be printed at 8*10. If you are turning in a binder all of the pictures can be 8*10.

Projects should be turned in on poster board or in a binder with written with the written reflection attached. Look at examples at the front of the room.

• You will also be dropping these pictures in the Staff server so that we may view each project in front of the class.