Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grayscale Work

Please visit the following sites and take a look at some grayscale pictures:

Getty Images

Please look at the patterns, brightness/contrast relationship as well as the emphasis on shadows.

Your assignment today is to think of a great place or places to shoot (off-campus) at the end of the week that will enable you to shoot some great grayscale photos. Examples: a cemetary, a street with very old buildings or houses, a junkyard, a used car lot, a basement, or a dense forest.

  • On Thursday/Friday you will leave campus to shoot 24 grayscale pictures focusing on outdoor shadows and patterns. Please arrange your ride via parent, friend, or bus BEFORE class time. You may sign out at the beginning of lunch.
  • You will also shoot 24 pictures this weekend as well focusing on man-made shadows and patterns.
  • On Monday you will learn Photoshop grayscale adjustment techniques in class.
  • Next Tuesday/Wednesday you will also leave campus to shoot at least 24 pictures again.
  • Thursday/Friday of next week you will adjust pictures and learn more grayscale techniques.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Digital Photo Landscape Assignment

  • Due Monday: Landscape Contact Sheet Two. 24 pictures from two locations. These pics should knock my socks off.
  • Due Tuesday and Wednesday: Six Landscapes adjusted in Photoshop on a contact sheet called" Landscapes Adjusted". Please make sure this is a jpeg Contact Sheet.Focus on colors, brightness/contrast, photo filters, clone stamping, sharpening, cropping, and exposure etc. Also, send in your best picture as a jpeg file called "Landscape to Print". Please use the naming convention. Any pictures not turned in with the naming convention will be trashed.
Reminder: You cannot go out shooting Thursday/Friday unless you have a C in the class. Grades will be updated Thursday morning.

Friday, February 13, 2009

New Animation Assignment

  • 300 Frames
  • The animation needs to have a beginning, middle, and end.
  • At least 7 named layers.
  • At least two main characters (symbols).
  • One movie clip.
  • A detailed background. Spend time creating the background so it looks as realistic as possible.
  • Two motion tweens.
  • Two shape tweens.
  • One motion path (guide layer) tween.
  • At least three uses of sound effects or music. Create a new layer for each sound effect.

Write a three-four sentence explanation of your project. Please use text edit. Drop this treatment into my classes folder on the STAFF server. Use the naming convention and 'animation treatment' for the project name.

You will also turn in a sketch of your two main characters.

Sound effects are located in my public folder.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

F-Stop and Shutter Speen Hints

F-Stops and Shutter Speed Hints

Today's assignment:
1. Shoot ten shots of someone standing and waving their arms. Adjust the shutter speed between each shot.
2. Shoot ten shots of someone standing and waving their arms and adjust both the shutter speed and the aperture (f-Stop number). Remember, the settings need to balance out. If you raise the shutter speed you will more than likely need to raise the f-stop number to and vice versa.
Try to get ten "good looking" shots with different manual settings.
3. Shoot ten more landscape type shots from the hills near the football and softball field. Adjust the camera settings manually between each shot.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Exporting To Quicktime

Exporting and dropping to Vidstore

Exporting From Flash to Quicktime

File>Export>Export Movie>Quicktime
Save the video using the naming convention and save it in the movies folder.

Next, control-click on the file in your movies folder and select get info'. Please make sure that everything under details and ownerships and permissions is set to 'read-write'.

Next, log onto to Vidstore.shorelineschools.org and drop it in the period 1 or 3 folder.


Friday, February 06, 2009

Animation 2:

40 frames
Two Layers
Create something with the shape tool.
Create something with the brush.
Create something with the line tool.
Add text.

At least one motion tween.
One shape tween.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Photo Homework: Landscape Pictures Due Monday

Your homework this weekend is to shoot landscape pictures.

You will shoot at least 24 pictures from at least two separate locations.
You may shoot horizontal and vertical landscape pictures.

Please do not center the horizon line and try to show something in the foreground, mid-ground, and background.

The image “http://akvis.com/img/examples/sketch/photo-on-sketch/landscape-photo.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


Photo Work In Class Thurs/Friday

Today you will shoot 20 more pictures.
You will shoot and then turn in five pictures that showcase leading lines, five that show frame within a frame, and five that show either balance mass or tonal balance.

Remember: do not shoot your pictures at eye level and do not center the objects unless you are shooting frame within a frame.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Animation One

40 frames
Two Layers
Create something with the shape tool.
Create something with the brush.
Create something with the line tool.
Add text.

Animation Examples: February 4 2009

I like this cartoon because it has a really funny song in it.

I like this one because it made fun of magic and i think thats funny.
I like this animation because they fight a lot and only say a couple of words hat are simply funny

I like this because i use to watch happy tree friends and they have interesting violence and creativity on how they kill each other


This video is worth watching because it is very amusing. The animation is decent but it was entertaining to me because somebody took the time to make a flash animation for a snoop dogg music video.

Awesome band with and awesome animation. It is a well done video the drawings are good and the flash video is timed right.

LinkThis one is creative/ and very well done.

http://www.homestarrunner.com/whereis.html- you can really tell the unique creation with the animation such as the people having no arms and the unbalance of the bodies as well as the connection between the characters.

http://www.homestarrunner.com/datenite.html- What I like about Date Nite is that with the animation, it is nothing like the stereo-typical animations, it has a little twist of character to it which made it really unique, and the plot line is really funny and can relate to real life

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

To create a contact sheet

  • Create a new folder on your desktop with your pictures.
  • Open Photoshop CS3.
  • Select File>Automate>Contact Sheet II
  • Select on Folder and choose the folder your created.
  • Make sure the image size is 8*10 inches.
  • The resolution should be 300.
  • Columns=4 and rows=5.
  • Click OK.
  • File>Save as a jpeg

Drop contacts shet into the STAFF server period 5/6 and make sure you use the naming convention. Contact sheets and other assignments without the naming convention will not be graded.

Photo Assignment for Tues/Wed

You will shoot at least 20 good images today.
Your focus will be the rule of thirds and color contrast.

Every shot should fill the picture frame.

When you return to class please import your photos into iPhoto. Next, create albums on the left that say rule of thirds and color contrast. Drag the pictures into these albums.

Finally, you will create a contact sheet in Photoshop so you can turn in your pictures.
(Please see post above contact sheet directions).

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Digital Photography Students

The following are due on Wed/Thurs:

Academic Plan
Classroom Expectations
$20 lab fee

Welcome to Digital Photography

Camera suggestions:
If you have not bought a camera yet, please purchase one with at least 4 megapixels. This will ensure that the pictures you take can be blown up to print at at least 8.5 *11. If you can afford a camera with more megapixels, by all means get it. A camera with a high optical zoom is nice. Digital zoom doesn't mean much so don't be mislead by a high digital zoom (I'll explain more in class).
I know Canon cameras better than any other brand and I highly recommend them, but if you end up with a Nikon or Olympus etc. you should be fine.
You should be able to find a decent camera at Fry's or Best Buy for as little as $150-$175. Some really great cameras can be found in the $300-$400 range.
Please email me if you have questions.

Class work and homework
This is not a writing intensive course, but there is some reading the first couple weeks of class.
Please take notes on the bold faced words as you read from the links below and make sure you take the quizzes at the end of each section. We will be shooting the various composition elements next week, and we will also have a quiz on this material as well. You need to do this reading during class time (now.)

(start reading the above link at Strive for a Feeling of Unity)

(Look at further examples at bottom of page)


First Animaiton Assignment

I would like you to visit the following websites and watch a variety of flash animation. When you are done watching the animation (spend about 30-35 minutes or so on this) I would like you to tell me what your favorite flash movies were and why you liked them. Please list this information, along with the link to access the animation, in the comments section below. Don't forget to put your name at the beginning so I know you did your work.


Welcome to class! Don't forget to fill in the comment section with your favorite videos. Log in as anonymous and then write your name at the top of your comment.
Mr. Mitchell