Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Turning in Your Photomerge Pictures

Today you will turn in Photomerge CS3.
You will then merge all of your new pictures.
Next you will edit all of your merged pictures in Photoshop.

At 11:15 you will turn in your best five Photomerges on a Contact Sheet. This Contact Sheet must contain at least one picture from each day of shooting.
You will also turn in your best Photomerge for grading. I will discuss printing the Photomerges in class.

Photomerge Grading:
1. Photomerege needs to look like one picture. Colors and objects in pictures should blend together perfectly without any errors.
2. Photomerege should showcase rule of thirds and foreground, mind-ground, and background subjects just like a landscape photo.
3. Photomerge should showcase an interesting location. Picture should look like something you would see in a calendar or framed on a wall.

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