Monday, February 11, 2008

First Photo Assignment

For your first part of your first photo assignment you will get three pictures for each of the categories below at Hamlin Park.
Don't forget to fill the frame and whenever possible please try to shoot something in the foreground,mid-ground, and background.

Selective Focus
Color Contrast
Rule of Thirds
Leading the Subject
Lighting Emphasizing something in the photo
Proper Horizon Line
Balance Mass
Leading Lines
Frame within a frame

For the next part of your first assignment I want you to shoot three different subjects from five very different angles each. Yes, that is a total of 15 pictures.

You need to return to class at 2:05 to import your pictures into iPhoto.

Your First Photo assignment as homework will be to take 24 landscape shots over the weekend of at least three locations. Try to take one set of pictures at sunrise, another set mid-day, and another set at sunset.

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