Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Animation Day 2

Hi everyone, I will be back on Friday. Thanks for filling in the comments on the previous post. Here is what I want you to do today:
1. Spent 15 minutes looking in the comments section below for other flash videos to watch. In other words, spend 15 minutes watching videos your classmates recommended.
2. I want you to take out a blank piece of paper, divide it into four sections, grab a pencil or pen, and create four different cartoon characters that you would like to eventually animate. Spend the whole period drawing well-defined characters, but use as many basic shapes as possible (i.e. circles, squares, rectangles etc.) You may find yourself motivated by other characters you've seen in other videos, but please be as original as possible. Turn in your sketches at the end of the period.

See you Friday!

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