Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First Big Animation Assignment

For this assignment you will be making your first of many complete flash animations. This animation MUST tell a story (of your choosing) and needs to contain the following components:

* 8+ layers
* 60+ frames
* 15+ keyframes
* foreground, mid-ground, and background
* both shape and motion tweens
* an intro title
* a story that is obvious to the viewer, classroom appropriate and NON-VIOLENT (i.e. no weapons, fighting, blood, etc)!!!

Please answer the following questions about your first big animation project and put the answers in my classes folder in the proper period.

1. What is your story from beginning to end? Describe in three to four sentences.
2. Who or what are the main characters? What are the traits of these characters? Special powers? Sarcastic comments? Specific clothing?
3. How will you utilize the shape and motion tween techniques?
4. How will you make your intro title interesting? What is your title?

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