Monday, March 05, 2007

Brightness/Contrast, Shadows, and Patterns

Your next assignment will focus on Brightness/Contrast, Shadows, and Patterns with Black and White Photos.

You will create albums in IPhoto for the following categories:
natural light shadows, man-made light shadows, and patterns.

You should have at least 24 quality photos in each album. However, you will probably shoot 100-150 pictures.
For your lighting pictures you should have at least four different subjects. I would recommend shooting five to six angles for each shot. Also, experimenting withe the F-Stop is a great idea.

Tuesday/Wednesday will be an all-day shooting period. You may leave during TAP or lunch as long as you sign out first. You need to be back to import your photos 15 minutes before the end of class.

You will be graded on both your pictures in the albums as well as the pictures you print.

You must have at least a C- and your out-of-class permission form in to leave class Tuesday/Wednesday.

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