Wednesday, November 09, 2016

AP Photo Self Portrait

Digital Journal Requirements:
  • Brainstorm a list of ideas that you could explore to create an interesting visual background. This written brainstorm and the images you choose should fill the page.
  • Make notes as to what your environment might look like, what props, clothes, or accessories that you might need.
  • Write an artist statement explaining the criteria and concept you set up for yourself.  In other words, what type of mood are you going to be reflecting in your photos? 

Make these photographs a work of interpretation about yourself. This is a self-portrait project, but not just a head and shoulders type of work.  Who are you?  What do you look like?  What is it important for you to express to others?  What surroundings and environment do you feel most comfortable in or least comfortable in?  How do your surroundings effect how you look and feel? 

  • Your final photography-work must involve a series of 8 images of your own self 
  • You must photograph your image with an interesting or significant background 
  • You should be the main subject in large detail.  Make sure you are not too small in the work.  You should take up 1/2- 3/4 of the compositional space. 
  • Work must use realism as the style of expression with attention paid to details such as proportion, perspective, texture, pattern and value. 
  • Work can be all black and white or color or a combination 
  • Your work should incorporate a strong sense of composition and design 

Your grade for this assignment will be based on several factors: 
  • Completion of each image turned in on a contact sheet.
  • Turned in on time (formative)
  • The quality and creativity of your 8 best images
  • Your choice of which photos to possibly use for your portfolio (summative).

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