Friday, September 09, 2016

Stop Motion Activity

Please watch a few stop motion videos.
Pick two that you like.
Answer the following questions in the comment section below:
1. What is your name?
2. What is the name of the video?
3. What is the URL (copy and paste it).
4. What did you like about the video? Please use two full sentences.


Colin Chaney said...

The first video is called "Magic Soap"
I like this animation because the use of clay is very unique from other animations. I have seen others like it before but the motion is very fluid, and almost life like. Not many other videos can replicate reality.
The second videos is called "Tic Toc"
I like this animation for the same reason as I liked the first one; I also like it because the robot looks very cool and realistic, and It actually moves like a robot would. The sound effects are also very well blended in with the animation also.

JJ Bastron said...

Favorite Stop Motions Army Men: Modern Warfare | Plastic Apocalypse
Absolutely amazing, mix of "live action" and stop motion to have items move and fire, and great work with the digital after effects. Other goodies are how sound effects are implemented, all of them sound on point and high quality, adding to the video. Something I will try to do in 1:100 scale in WWII for sure Battle of the Brick, Built for Combat
Amazing Lego Stop motion from my favorite universe, Halo. All effects are done in the set, and the time and dedication to making it is just praiseworthy. Worth every minute watching

Other vids to check out. Klay World: Pancake Mines
Stupid, Funny in sort of a gory clay, way, old favorite when I was younger, simple expressions and yet lots of character. Anything from Brick Dictator in the WWII setting,

Anonymous said...

Stop Motion Animation. Magic Water

It was a very cool animation that used blue clay instead of actual water. The water/blue clay was manipulated into different shapes and had different properties.

Anonymous said...

my name is Dawson and liked the transformers generation movie stop motion

i like this video because its transformers and its also stop motion but true to the original movie and the voices are on point. the background is on point and the voices and actions are as well.
i also liked don't hug me i'm scared because it has brilliant voice acting awesome graphics on a low budget and incredibly deep mentally challenging videos. it has many different styles such as puppets and live action and also cgi.

Anonymous said...

Magic Soap
It used the same technique as magic water, however there were two clumps of clay instead of one they used mirrors and other techniques to make it look like, well… magic.

Anonymous said...

Tony Walters

1. The Maker

I really enjoy the orchestral music that they use. I also like the character design. The main character has those violin etchings on his head, which is fitting.

2. Mirror

I like it because it is heavily inspired by Tim Burton's work. It is a very short video, but is still creepy.

Anonymous said...

My name is Logan Stoecker.
Title #1: A Clone Halloween: Gurve Meh Teh Carndy!
The story and voice actors are so funny. The editing in the video is very smooth. This is the funniest stop motion animation video I've ever seen and I laugh all the time.

I like how the director/producer is able to use animation to show Deadpool's regeneration powers. I like how there is sound for almost everything.

Anonymous said...

The first video is called "Lego Mini Golf"
I thought this one was pretty funny and that it was very well made and smooth. The way the golf balls move are realistic and the sound effects are really good.
The second video is called "T-shirt war"
I like this animation because it is very creative and unique. They had to use a lot of t-shirts to make this and the animation has good sound effects and is a smooth animation.

Anonymous said...

1.) Julia Murray
2.) The Sea Is Blue: A Stop Motion Short Film
4.) The underwater animation was done very well, I've always loved the aesthetic of underwater things. It must have been hard to get so many things "floating" so perfectly without obvious strings. I thought the story was a cute, bitter sweet original tale. Plus, I've always liked myth like stories, such as why the sea is blue or why certain animals behave certain ways.

Anonymous said...

Grey Owen here!
The first one I watched was called "Clay Animation Short: Make a Face".

This animation was rather impressive in its use of a clay figure literally drawing its own facial features with a pen. The sound effects were also well-timed.

The second animation was called "The Infection Claymation."

This one featured some rather basic humanoid figures made out of clay. However, they appear basic but their actions are quite charming, giving them human qualities that make them endearing for all of one minute fourteen seconds.

Meagan Horman said...

Meagan Horman
Game over By PES
I liked that they took a classic games and put a twist on them. I thought it was cool that they used things that you could find around your house.

Moving On: A Stop-motion Music Video by Ainslie Henderson
I liked that they used yarn didn't think about that being something you could use. I like how simple the idea of the video was but still was fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

My name is Efren Ramos
Stop Motion Parkour
The karate video you showed and this video that i linked are ones that i like very much from the channel that made them, but I have seen the Parkour one first and likes its use of space and objects like trashcans, trees, etc. Another reason why I like that video is because its from one of my favorite channels, Corridor Digital, makes great videos that was put into a lot of work into editing and shooting.

Shugo Tokumaru - "Katachi" (Official Music Video)
Puts music and stop motion paper into a great video. Also like it for the amount of time put into this, just watch it, how can you not think that they spent months after months working on this

Anonymous said...

MY name is Joseph and I like the "The missing stickman" stop animation
I really like the stop animations made on paint and I also like the part when the dog eats the stickman

The second stop motion i like is the"Stop motion pizza"
The part i prefer is when mozzarella is sliced. Another part I like is when the pizza travels all around the city

Anonymous said...

Isadora Slagle

1) Paper Motion Animation
I really like how it tells a story about a boy fighting for a girl. The buy tries to get a flower for the girl and this other guy takes her away from him.

2) Stop Motion Whiteboard Animation: The Marker Maker
I like how the pictures were drawn so they could form into something else really easily. it flowed really well and the artwork was great.

Anonymous said...

John Bui
First one is called Stop Motion Superfight

I really liked the all the crazy things that they managed to do with their set piece and animations. I also liked the plot twist because they just ended up fighting each other endlessly too.

Second one is called The Sea is Blue

The details for the characters and the surroundings are extremely well done, it looks really nice and calm. I liked the short film's story as well, it was interesting.

Anonymous said...

1 tyler than
2 game over by pes
4 i very much enjoyed how a lot of the sound effects were ripped straight from the games. I also liked the themes of retro video games as an avid gamer myself.

2 coinstar by pes
4 loved the complexity of the stop motion itself as many of the objects were moving at the same time. I also enjoyed how the coins came from places that would be realistic. (hated it was an ad though)

Anonymous said...

Jerry McKee
Game Over
The film takes various retro games and adds a twist by reimagining them with foods and other household objects. The sound effects used compliment everything quite well.
Overall everything is well done, but the humanoid characters are what really stand out. Using clay the creator creates a strange shapeshifting creature that takes on human appearances but just seems to scream creepy. It has a strange appeal this way, being interesting with its creepiness.

Anonymous said...

Spencer Gurnee

Submarine Sandwich
They used random objects that look similar to what would go on a sub-sandwich. The sound effects were on point.

The sounds were well done. The art was detailed and showed a lot of depth.

Anonymous said...

My name is Madison Bruce
1) "The Missing Stick Man", I like this video because of the multiple settings and how they everyday items for a person be something a stickman to use, also the dog part gave me some inspiration for stop motions because I have dogs.
2)"Magic Water", I like the sounds in this video and I like the detail and how the light turns on and off and the wear drips onto the table when the person put the glass down.

Malachi Riebe said...

malachi a riebe
the first is Markiplier Animated | STRANDED DEEP and FANTASIA. A Stop motion Animation by Guldies and
the first one was just funny and well animated, and used a already made video. and the other one was just full of odd things and great sculpting, and just stuffed full of creativity.

Anonymous said...

Liam Spurlin
#1***** The Best Stop Motion Video Ever *****
varry creative tools cheap and afordable

Fat Bastardo said...

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Anonymous said...

Chloe Nestegard

1: Stop motion animation. Claymation, Faces - By Guldies

2:Euphoria. A Stop motion Animation by Guldies

I like both of these because of the extreme detail that has gone into the faces and just how smoothly they all move.
LOOOOOTS of time has gone into these

Jay Reyes said...

Jay Reyes said..
Batman Vs Joker Stop motion

I found this video interesting because it gave me an idea of what kind of topic I want on my stop motion video, a Batman story including fighting and villains.
It also gave me an idea of what type of sound effects I want on my video, the sound of gunshots, and the sound of punching.
LEGO Batman StopMotion Series Nightmare in Gotham Episode 1: Pilot Part 1

I also liked this video because, I decided what I'll be using for my stop motion, legos.
It also gave me an idea of who will be in the video, though I do need more goons, and Comissider Gordon.

Anonymous said...

Jeira Rumeral
Game Over by PES

I like this video because it is creative. Also because it uses food as main material and that gave me some ideas.
The Best Stop Motion Video Over

I like this one because it is cool. They used post it notes which is simple, but they made something out of it.

Anonymous said...

Michael Whelan
"Magic Water"
It's very creative and looks real, as well as using
"Submarine Sandwich"
It's really cool and almost life like and very original