Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Computer Animation: Stop Motion Assignment

Your first project is a 600-800 frame stop motion animation assignment. 
You will shoot still pictures of objects or people and eventually make them move on a frame by frame basis. 

Here is the simplified version of the assignment: 
  • Take a picture, move the object, take a picture, and move the object etc.
  • This assignment is the only homework assignment this semester.
  • You will shoot this assignment away from school anytime in the next four weeks.
  • You can borrow a camera and/or tripod from me if needed

All pictures are due on Monday, October 10.
You will edit your videos in Adobe Premiere and add sound effects and music. Last year two Animation students from Shorecrest  won the Seattle Times Three Minute Masterpiece contest! 

Rhys' video: https://vimeo.com/126636978
  Chris' video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvAsSBvYGIU

Western Spaghetti
Fresh Guacamole
Lego Stop Motion
Star Wars

Stop Motion Pre-Production
Please get in your groups and start planning your production.
1. Please use your email and answer the following questions using four to five complete sentences.

  • What are you animating?
  • Please tell me what special "tricks" you will create to make your animation look interesting. What will your characters do that they can't do in real life?
  • Most importantly please tell me the story from beginning to end.
  • What type of music will you use? Why?
  • What kind of sound effects will you add?
2. Create a storyboard of the first 45 frames.

 Each video will need:

1.                 Fade In/Out

2.                 Titles

3.                 Credits

4.                 Music

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