Monday, May 02, 2016

Photo 2: Long Exposure Assignments

This assignment will be broken into three parts.
 Part 1 is Light Painting. Click here to see some amazing examples.
Part 2 is nighttime long exposure. Click here to see some awesome examples.
Part 3 is long exposure pictures of your choice. You can do light painting, you can shoot outdoors at night, or you an experiment with something different. You can use people as needed. You can even shoot early morning or late evening instead of at night.

Long exposure photographyLong exposure photography
Tuesday May 3rd: Bring lights to class. Shoot in studio or at home.
Thursday: Light painting at school in the studio.
Shoot in studio or at home.
Shooting Day 1. Contact Sheets due both days.
Homework (you can start now): One outdoor long exposure photo shoot done at night or early morning.
Long exposure shots of your choice.
May 9th: Homework due.
Image by gnackgnackgnack

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