Friday, February 05, 2016

First Animation Assignment

I would like you to visit YouTube and other websites and watch a variety of flash animation.

When you are done watching the animation (spend about 30-35 minutes or so on this) I would like you to tell me what your three favorite flash movies were and why you liked them.
Did you like the story line? Animation style? Sound effects? Music?

Please answer the questions above in complete sentences in the comments section below.
Also, please leave a link to the animation after each description.
Don't forget to put your name at the beginning of each animation description so I know you did your work.
Please use headphones.

An example:

Mr. Mitchell


Anonymous said...

There was one I really liked called Kite, and it was because of the music. the music told you what was happening rather than having dialogue
Alight, by the Brigham Young University, was very interesting. Again because the music, and no Narration
Tarboy was awesome! the narration along wit the music and flashes of color made for an excellent story
-Chastin Barnes

Anonymous said...

I watched a video called Bad Luck By Chance, i liked the music in it because it fit the mood of the film. I also liked the simple plot of the film about a man just having a bad day- Sam Huston

Rebecca Hensel said...

SWITCH was a funny animation. It was smooth and creative. The music when the lights was on was a good contrast to when it was dark and it was silent.

TARBOY was my favorite that I saw. The narrator spoke with rhythm that matched the background music which was nice to listen to. The animation itself was great. It had it's own style and was clean. "Shut up Billy!"

The last animation I found was The Red Ballon which was done by a student somewhere at some point. Even though the animation of this isn't the best, I liked it because it was something that I would create. I loved the little character, he was adorable.

Emahd Khan said...

This video is called the kite. i liked it for reasons like the animation is soothing with the sunset. Also the music matches the simplicity of the story. With no dialogue, it didn't effect the way the story was told. The sound effects were very nice with the kite flowing through the wind.

Emahd khan

Teddy Masika said...

i like these flash animations because they were funny, had a great story line, and they were intertaining to watch death buy lemonade is my favorite one

Teddy Masika

Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed a video called The Bully. I liked the unique animation style the creator went with and that there is a bit of a plot twist at the end. - Sam Huston

Anonymous said...

Sufyan Khalid 3 animations:

"SWITCH. A short film by Tyson Hesse"
the animations looked professional and I also thought it was kind of funny

"SHOCK. Stick fight animation"
This was probably my favorite one… I enjoyed the fighting and it reminded me of the matrix. Also the background music went really well with what was going on in the scene.

"The Cliff"
Also enjoyed this one mostly because it reenacted some scenes from different movies. It didn't really have a story to it but was still pretty entertaining.

Niko said...

Sock 2

This short animation uses atmospheric noise very well. The story and dialogue is very awkward but it fits with the rough animation style. I still like it for its surreal quality.


I liked this a lot, a funny parody that takes advantage of the animation medium by creating unreal situations and solutions to further the parody (writing a math equation to teleport.) More polished than the first for sure, its use of sound was good. The narrator was funny and the film grain was a cool touch.

I Did It

Simple yet funny and empowering, the audio created a good atmosphere and then was used to escalate the humor. The animation is clean and the comedy was straightforward but well executed.

ROLT Steele said...

1 )

I like this video because of the animation style, and the music, and the "storyline" (what little there is of one). All together I find it funny.

2 )

I like this video because of the music and the storyline, I also find it funny… because it's true.

3 )

I like this video for its comedy and animations style, it has good sound editing as well. It's christmas themed, I don't know if that's a problem.

--Remington Tideman

John McMahon said...

John McMahon

1st Video-24 Animations in 24 Hours
I liked it because it was just a bunch of quick clips showing off a bunch of different effects possible with flash animation.

2nd Video-Animation vs. Minecraft
I liked this one because of how detailed it is. It is about a bunch of animated stick figures that live in this guys computer that came out of his animating software, and then they break into the minecraft on his computer. This animation just has a lot of time put into and manages to capture of the essence of the game it is portraying in a very special way.

3rd Video-Flash stickman Watch me animate (speed)
I enjoyed seeing a compressed version of someone animating in a rush. The music was nice but the content seemed like a nice little view into what kind of animating I would hope to be working on soon.

Emahd KHan said...

This video is very great with mainly the animation. The fighting scenes are very realistic in the style of which they do it. The music in the background matches the intensity of the scenes. The dialogue between the characters is not to well done, the subtitles that are being shown are misspelled though I reckon its been done purposely. Besides this the story line is not to well because its more focused on the animation its self.

emahd Khan

Gaelen Eisenbrey said... This animation utilizes a unique style as well as a variety of editing and sound techniques to create an engaging and compelling story. A simplistically artistic style and attention to detail aid in the telling of this touching story. This short film is quite odd, but is also so entirely different from most of what I could find that I thought it bore mentioning.

Grace Stallings said...
The switch - funny plot line & a cool concept
The Butterfly Dragon - very pretty design and a cute plot that is easy to follow
Fire Tiger Vs. Acid Panther - A cool incorporation of sound and animation with a cute style and a fun plot

Michael Borg said...

My favorite flash video I found was called Purged, its about an angel that gets cast down into purgatory. Its very gothic/dark and that why it is my favorite. The music score is beautiful and intense.

Another good one I watched was called Pregnetheus, it was about this lady who was trying to get an alien out of her body. It's filled with dark humor, blood, and references to arcade. Turns out she was not infected with an alien.

Another really good one was Roller Coaster Junkie, its about a little boy who, well, is a junkie for roller coasters. Its a song behind funny animation about him on his journey to ride all the roller coasters.

-Michael Borg

Anonymous said...

I liked Alight since it was a cute little love story and the animations were really good.

I also liked Switch. It had a funny story line and was kind of interesting and unique.

The last animation that I chose was Animator vs. Animation II. I know it's kind of cheating, but when I was searching for various animations, I kept coming back to. I just love how his stickman turns his entire computer into his world.

~Katherine Stroschein

Anonymous said...

One of the animations I liked was Tricky Treat because of its sound and because of the type of animation.

Another flash animation that I liked was Kite. This animation was really cool, but didn't have much sound but was still interesting.

The last animation that I liked was The Guardian. I enjoyed it because of the sound, and because of the overall storyline. I also liked the type of animation.
-Anna Burke

Anonymous said...

This video is called Tarboy. The animation looked very clean and was nice to look at. The background music and sort of mysterious plot line made me continue watch and not want it to be over

This is the intro to the game Battleblock theater. This animation is my favorite because if its humor. The background music and audio in general adds to the humor of the animation and makes it very enjoyable to watch.

I liked Animator vs Animation because the concept is very creative. The animation seems pretty simple, but its the fact that it takes something like microsoft word and makes it come alive that makes it enjoyable

Jeffrey Freitag

Tae Min Hong said...
I liked an animation called Unexpected. I really enjoyed this video because of the wide variety of angles and different views throughout the film. I also liked the emotions on the characters. The concept of the the animation was simple yet very entertaining.
I also enjoyed this animation called trickshot. I liked it because of the simple storyline which included humor. I liked the combination of the music which added more entertainment to the video. I liked that the whole process of him going into space was for one simple goal.
I liked this animation called Kite. The video was very fluid in motion which made the whole animation play out smoothly. The colors were very appealing to the eyes and also seemed to have a pattern of colors that it followed, like an autumn type of category. I also liked the sound effects in the animation, even for little things such as the girl pulling on the kite string and pulling a kite down from a tree.

-Tae Min Hong

Anonymous said...

This video was entertaining and funny. I thought it was great that the character and sound effects were very cartoony. The music matched the tone as it was about a stealthy ninja and the music played up with that. - Sam Huston

Anonymous said...

I liked the Kite because the animation was bright and colorful.

I thought the sound was very good in the Surge because the variety of sounds added to the video greatly.

I liked the story in the Tar Boy because it was detailed and the ending was suspenseful.

- Aislinn O'Connell

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this animation for a couple reasons. The story line was a little weird but it's animated so that doesn't matter to me to much. The animation style was very cool though. They combined 2 different animation styles in the same movie. The very up beat music fits perfectly for this animation because it is about a guy going on an adventure.
This animation was so awesome and so true. The story line is very interesting and unique. The music and sound effects go along very well with what is happening in the movie. The animation style was very cool to see. I really like how an animated clip/movie has it's own style every time.

Anonymous said...

1: : this video is actually not that bad, i like the fact that he used the super mario obstacles and background etc.

2: : i like the story line of this one but other than that, its not the best in my opinion

3: : In this flash animation, the animation style, sound effects, Story Line and music of it is just perfect like everything was spot on.


Emahd Khan said...

I real enjoyed watching the Legend of Miyamoto. the video had great hip hop kind of soundtrack. Also had a variety of different scenes with different animation. The story line was fun to see the adventure of Miyamoto.

Anonymous said...

Nikolai Shorack-

One of my favorite videos was Second Wind, because the variety of effects the animation created ranged from sad, to eerie, to happy, and it all flowed well. The plot line as well ignored realism and explored the fantastical.


Another one of my favorite videos that I watched is Tarboy, because the plotline was quite complex, and the way the story was was somewhat characteristic of a Dr. Seuss story. The narrator especially was the highlight of the movie, with clearly a lot of effort put into it.


My definite favorite out of the three was the Guardian, because it had the most intrinsic plot and the blurred animation at the beginning really set the scene.


Austin Wright said... good story, humor not really much of a story but art work is amazing funny but points out serious problems with the world

Omar Alzeir said...

TARBOY animation - an epic, animated short film/ 2D flash animation - Youtube
the story of it was really interesting; how Tarboy tried to get the robots slaves revenge and how he got into the trap and it didn't finish which will make the audience want to watch more to see what would happen, the animation was robotic and it was told and represented as a story.The music was created some action feeling but it was cheerful and cartoony too.

#2 Flash animation reel 2011 - Youtube Sunal Sital
the animation didn't really have a story but it showed us two people who were fighting at the beginning and how they got looks but still fighting at the end. the cartoony fight style was used. The music was full of energy and power.

#3 Flash Animation - Kite - Youtube
the story was about a girl who was trying to make her kite fly but she couldn't at the beginning, then it did with a bird chasing and looking to it. After a little bit a wind started and the kite flied away while that was happening a sad at the beginning but cheerful asian music played and the kite flied away with the bird.It shows a lot of fluid movements and the use of colors and shades was pretty awesome.

Anonymous said... I liked this Animation because it used music, lighting and atmosphere to enhance the animation. it popped of the screen and made fiction feel real. THis animation was very cinematically pleasing to both the ears and the eyes. It showed the short friendship between elements. It made fantasy look like reality This animation was very realistic it looked as though it told a story of experience. it drew out my emotions and made me feel it through the screen, as if i was standing there watching. It showed a wolf befriend a rabbit who eventually surname to his in stinks.

Anonymous said...

Kai's above

Anonymous said...

Blaise Gordon - nice art style - funny story - questionable

Anonymous said... Patrick S Cunningham
On this one, the animation is technically competent, and the story is relevant.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this animation for a couple reasons. The story line was a little weird but it's animated so that doesn't matter to me to much. The animation style was very cool though. They combined 2 different animation styles in the same movie. The very up beat music fits perfectly for this animation because it is about a guy going on an adventure.
This animation was so awesome and so true. The story line is very interesting and unique. The music and sound effects go along very well with what is happening in the movie. The animation style was very cool to see. I really like how an animated clip/movie has it's own style every time.

-Brad W

Anonymous said...




With 1 being my favorite these 3 showed extremely well written stories all being unique, 2 had the most interesting art style and color palette, 3 had a strange but somewhat alluring story and was very well animated, and 1 was the most interesting to me.

- Dante F