Monday, October 19, 2015

Shorecrest Action Photo Assignment

Here is a link to some great action photos. Please notice how most of these photos show engaging action in an interesting location. You will shoot similar photos during our Action Photo unit.

You are going to shoot 100 Shorecrest action photos sometime between Wednesday October 21st and Tuesday October 27. These photo shoots must take place at a Shorecrest related event or sport. For example, you could take pictures of the Hip Hop, Volleyball, Football, Soccer, or Flag teams. Photos are due at the beginning of the period on October 28. You can choose multiple groups/events if you want.

On Monday the 19th you will choose the group for your photo shoot.
Please look at the different Shorecrest activities and sports located here and here to help make your decision.
Please email the coach/advisor of your selected activity and (in complete sentences) let them know the following information:
1. Your name and class.
2. Purpose of project.
3. Day and time you would like to shoot (games are preferred over practices).
4. Please ask if your suggested timeline is OK or if they would prefer a different date/time. 
5. Please cc me on the email. My email is 

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