Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Landscape Adjustments

Update: Here is what is due to finish the Landscape Unit
1. 15 Photoshop Adjusted Landscapes from three various locations. Call this "Landscape Adjusted."
2. Your best Landscape as a .jpeg file. Call this "Best Landscape."
Always use the naming convention. Example: 3_Mitchellt_Landscape Adjusted

Today you have the entire period to edit Landscape photos in Photoshop.
First, pick your best 15 landscapes overall and place them in a folder.
Next, open up each one and touch them up in Photoshop to make the pictures look even better.

Below are some tutorials that will give you ideas on how to adjust landscapes. Please work through each one with separate landscape photos.
Landscape Photography Editing Tutorial - Photoshop CS6
Tips To Create An Awesome Landscape Photo (Photography Tutorial)
Photoshop Tutorial: Landscape Editing
Curves, Curves, Curves! - Photoshop CS6 Tutorial

You can also do any of the following adjustments we talked about in class:
Get rid of power lines, garbage cans, and other distracting objects using Clone Stamp (S) and Copy/Paste.
Adjust the horizon line using Free Transform (Command-T).
Crop your picture as needed.
Change the overall color using color balance.
Adjust the warmth or coolness of your photo using Image>Adjustments>Photo Filter.

Please File>Save As each photo when you are done editing. Place these pictures in a new folder.
You will turn these photos in on Friday.

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