Tuesday, September 16, 2014

AP Photo Assignment #2

Digital Journal:

Visit the following websites and bookmark for future reference:

Part 1:
Just as a composer uses all the instruments in a symphony to create a stirring piece of music, you should compose each picture so that its parts work together to create a work of beauty. Each item in a picture has an effect on the whole, so don’t just point and shoot. Take a little time to compose each picture into the masterpiece that it has the potential to be. Remember that you are trying to develop mastery in concept composition as well as in technique.
Visit the following sites and make notes in your Digital Journal (named "_dj1")about each topic. Include an image that you find online to illustrate what you are talking about.  Click the links below:

Shooting vertical or horizontal

Choosing a main point of interest


Adjusting your angle of view


Placing the subject off-center


Using leading lines


Avoiding distracting backgrounds 


Including foreground objects


People/Rule of Thirds



After reviewing the rule of thirds and visiting the above assigned Kodak sites, you are to photograph the following Plan Your Photo Composition (36 works):

1. Hands (such as braiding hair, holding something, working on something) (4 works)
2. Feet/Shoes (4 works)
3. Geometric Shadows/Forms (4 works)
4. Organic Forms and/or Texture (4 works)
5. White on white/eggs (4 works)
6. Lines (4 works)
7. Glass/transparency (4 works)
8. The remaining photos are your choice (8 works)

These pictures are due at the beginning of the period on September 25.


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