Monday, January 27, 2014

Multimedia Assignment #1: Garageband song

Garageband Assignment #1
  1. Create a full-length song in Garageband that is 2-3 mins long – (to view time go to Control –> Show Time in LCD)
  2. The song should work for a specific genre of music as opposed to just random clips assembled together. For example, you should create a rock, country, or electronic song.
  3. The song should have distinctly different parts of the song (parts that are emphasized or de-emphasized or repeated).  "Real" music has verse, middle, and chorus sections.
  4. The song must contain at least 8 different tracks. Most songs will have have more than eight sections.
  5. You should include at least one sample, voice, or musical instrument.
  6. You should include at least one instance of voice or real instrument.
  7. At least 2 of the tracks must change volume multiple times throughout the song – click on the downward pointing arrow at the end of the track icons to make a track’s volumne fade in or out
  8. At least one track must include a segment that loops – usually created by clicking in the upper left corner of a region and dragging to the right.
Tentative Due Date: Thursday Febraury 6th

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