Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Portrait Editing for Photo 1

Please use the following adjustment methods on 24 different pictures. Choose a variety of pictures from a variety of angles.

When you save your work, please indicate which adjustment method you used in the name:

Clone Stamp (CS)
Patch Tool (J)
Gaussian Blur (GB)
Whiten Teeth (W)
Removing Hot Spots (HS): Clone Stamp set to darken instead of lighten. This is perfect for shiny faces.
Glamour Skin Softening (GS:

  •   Create a copy of the background layer. 

  • On the second layer go to effect>blur>Gaussian Blur

  • Move the opacity of the 2nd layer to 50%

  • Select eraser tool>select a soft edge brush

  • Erase around the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth on the 2nd layer

    When you are finished adjusting the 24 pictures please turn in a Contact Sheet called Portraits Adjusted.

     Then you need to pick your best 12 pictures and do the following:

  •  A Vignette Photo
  • Three Grayscale Method Photos
  • Two One Item Kept in Color Photo
  • A selective Focus Photo
  • One WHACKY anything goes portrait (change the colors, use the liquefy tool, and make this as unique and interesting as you can)
  • One picture where hair color (or another object) is significantly adjusted in a realistic way
  • Three pictures adjusted any way you would like

I will tell you how to turn these in on Thursday.

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