Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photo 2: New Photography Masters

New Photography Masters Assignment:
 Use Text Edit to answer the following questions:

1. Look at the various work from ALL of the photographers listed below. This will take at least 30-40 minutes. You may even explore more up and coming photographers on your own.
2. Pick a photographer that you would like to emulate and pay homage. You will eventually re-create an exact picture and also create your own picture in the "style" of this photographer.
3. Tell me about the photographer and why you picked their work.
 In no LESS than one page please explain:
• Who you chose and who they are (i.e. when, where, what etc)
• Describe their photography: What is unique about her/his style and technique? What types of photos do they take? What are the themes or concepts?
•• Why did you choose this photographer? What do you like about their work/style?
 Please reference different photos and use photography terms that we have discussed in class and from the links below.
Rules of Composition
Elements of Design
4. What specific picture are you going to re-create? Why? Please provide a link to this photo. Where will you shoot this photo? Who are what exactly will be your subject? How will you re-create the exact lighting?

Please put this in the STAFF server Period 1.

Note: Do not copy/paste text from web sites. I will check to make sure that everything written is in your own words. Google is a fantastic tool for checking plagiarism.
  Assignment Due Dates:
May 22nd: Written Description Due at end of period
Homework Re-Create a Photo: Shoot at least 24 attempts.
May 24: Website Portfolio work.
May 29 Re-Create a Photo Due, Editing
May 31: Shooting Day for Homage Photo
June 5th: Editing and Homage Picture due

 Jim Goldberg - documentary, black and white
Christopher Anderson - color portraits and documentary
Chris Jordan - patterns, industrial waste
Cindy Sherman - self portraits, "film stills"
Arthur Tress - staged fish tank images and various stuff
Steve McCurry - landscape, portraiture, photojournalism
Alex Majoli - photojournalism, black and white portraiture
Vik Muniz - photo composites
Loretta Lux - portraits
Julia Fullerton - commercial
Lauren Greenfeld - documentary
Shimpei Takeda - abstract
Walter Ioos - sports

Young and New Photographers:
Chase Jarvis -variety
Rookie Nolan -
Sarah Hoey - surreal 
Paulina Otylie Surys -

Pari Dukovic -impressionism

Jim Mortram- 

Samuel James -activism, realism

Liz West -variety

Zhang Jingna -portrait

Karrah Kobus -surrealism

Nirrimi Hakanson

Futoshi Miyagi  

Seb Janiak

Simon Powell

Marco Martinelli

Kenny Weng

Michael David Adams


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