Tuesday, October 02, 2012

AP Photo: Shapes and Textures etc.

Read and take notes. There will be a note check today.

Shooting vertical or horizontal

Choosing a main point of interest


Adjusting your angle of view


Placing the subject off-center


Using leading lines

Click NEXT for examples.

Avoiding distracting backgrounds 

Click NEXT for examples. 

Including foreground objects



After reviewing the rule of thirds and visiting the above assigned Kodak sites, you are to photograph the following Plan Your Photo Composition (36 works):

1. Hands (such as braiding hair, holding something, working on something) (4 works)

2. Feet/Shoes (4 works)
3. Geometric Shadows/Forms (4 works)
4. Organic Forms and/or Texture (4 works)
5. White on white/eggs (4 works)
6. Lines (4 works)
7. Glass/transparency (4 works)
8. The remaining photos are your choice (8 works)

You will most likely shoot 350-400 pictures to get 36 total picture. In general plan on shooting at least 10 shots per turned in picture.

October 4: Read and take notes. Then explore the web looking for examples of each composition and subject listed above. You can take practice pictures as well.
Thursday October 4: Out of class shooting day (you can shoot in the studio if necessary)
Tuesday October 9: Import and Editing
Thursday October11: Out of class shooting ((you can shoot in the studio if necessary)
Friday October 12: Import and editing

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