Thursday, October 25, 2012

Action Photo Practice

Action Photo Practice

Today you will shoot and turn in a full contact sheet of action pictures. 
You should have 10-12 SUCCESSFUL panning style pictures using shutter speeds of around 1/20-1/60 and then 10-12 pictures of regular fast shutter speeds (usually 1/250-1/2000).
Have your subjects repeat the same action over and over.

How many of you remembered to bring some sporting equipment?

Suggested activities to shoot: someone running across the field, someone doing back handsprings or other gymnastic moves, anyone playing catch with a football or baseball, and hackysack etc. 

Crocodile Hunter.
Please return to class at 11:35 so you can upload your pictures and turn in the Contact Sheets. 
Your SC Sports pictures are due Tuesday.
We have a quiz Monday.

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