Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monday April 16th

2nd Period:
Please edit your best 10 Spring Quote pictures. You don't need to worry about adding text yet.

4th Period:
Please spend the entire period planning, designing, and brainstorming your Teen Magazine assignment.
Here is what is the due at the end of the period:
 Get a blank sheet of paper and design a rough draft of your magazine.
Please include: title of magazine, layout of pictures, headlines, and anything else that will make your magazine stand out.
Don't forget, Tuesday is a shooting day. You and your partners need to dress appropriately.

5th Period:
1. Make sure you have all of your stop motion pictures on your computer. Put all of these pictures into one folder on the desktop.
2. Open Final Cut Pro and create a new project
3. Select Final Cut Pro in the upper left hand corner and then select User Preferences. Change the Still Frame Duration in the upper left hand corner to 00:00:00:05. (Click here to see a detailed tutorial).

4. Go to File>Import and Select folder. Pick your Stop Motion pictures folder. The folder will show up in the Browser in the upper left hand corner.
5. Drag pictures into timeline as shown here. Lengthen, shorten, or delete clips as needed.
6. Import music and sound effects to Final Cut: File>Import>File Pick music and sounds that work for your video. We need sound throughout the entire animation.
7. If you have not used Final Cut before you need to watch this video in order to understand the layout.

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