Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Sports Photography

A detailed description of how to take good sports photos.

Please read the above link in it's entirety (pages 1-7) and write down what you think are the ten most important pieces of advice. Take solid notes.
List each item and describe it in one or two sentences.

Your first SC Sports Action Shot Contact Sheet will not be due until next Monday. However, you may start shooting at any time.
Focus on a few things: sharp focus, unique angles, capturing emotion, telling a story, and basically taking the viewer someplace they wouldn't normally get to be by just sitting in the stands.
Your most interesting subject may not always be the person with the ball, like the reaction shot below of the Husky bench after beating Marquette.

Washington's Austin Bragg and Scott Suggs react from the bench after Quincy Pondexter's game-winning layup during the first-round game against Marquette.


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