Friday, March 04, 2011

SCNN Commercial Assignment 2

You are going to create an “Open” for SCNN.


  • 20-30 seconds long
  • motion tween
  • shape tween
  • sound effects,
  • music
  • at least 7 layers
  • move a symbol along a motion path guide 
  • Two Movie Clips
  • Moving background via motion tween
  • fade in/out audio and video
  • Work on creating depth in your animation. In other words animate the details.
  • Everything in this animation should move as close as possible to how they move in real life. You can do this via movie clip or keyframe animation.
Most importantly this video needs to get kids excited about watching SCNN. Use school colors if you can and even create school locations, teachers, students, clubs, and sports to make the video relevant to other SC students.

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