Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wednesday's Work in Digital Photo

Today you will do the following in the order listed below.

1. Make sure Action Shot Contact Sheet #2 is turned in.
2. Make sure your Best Picture So Far Adjusted pics are turned in. (See below for methods).
3. Make sure your Best Picture So Far is framed and signed. Leave it in the stack up front.
4. Take your four best "new" action shots and add captions to each picture, just like you did last week. (See below for specifics). Turn this in and call it Action Shots Caption 2.
5. Read the Spring Quote Assignment below and pick a quote to shoot for Friday's all day shooting day. Please email me the quote by the end of class (if you need more time, email me Wednesday evening). You may NOT shoot Friday unless I know which quote you are shooting.
Successful pictures will showcase the quotes in an interesting and unique manner. Creativity is key. I would consider other options besides a "basic shot of a flower."
6. Bring your camera and charged batteries Friday. You can check out at TAP and at Lunch if needed.

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