Thursday, April 08, 2010

Stop Motion Animation

Your next project is a stop motion animation assignment. You will work in groups of three to four. You will have two full class periods to shoot your assignment using my digital cameras. You will edit your videos on final Cut Pro and add sound effects and music.

Mr. Glombecki will show you the examples below on the projector up front.

Stop Motion Pre-Production

Please get in your groups and start planning your production.

1. Please use TEXT EDIT and turn in the following information in the STAFF server:
  • Group Member names
  • A four to five sentence description of your animation project. Please tell me what special "tricks" you will create to make your animation look interesting. Also, let me know if you are using props or if the characters are wearing costumes. Most importantly please tell me the story from beginning to end.
2. Create a shot sheet. Write down the different shots you will take and the order you will take them. List the locations as well.
This will ensure you are prepared when you walk in the door Monday and Tuesday.
3. Create a storyboard of the first 15 frames.

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