Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Best Picture (So far) Assignment

Your assignment is to look at ALL of your pictures you have taken in the almost two months you've had Photo 2 and try to pick a "Best One" for display in the front of the school.
To help you decide, I've listed a series of adjustments I'd like you to make. The adjustments may or not not help sway your decision and/or make your decision easier.

1. Look at all of your pictures. All of them. Pick your top 20 and put them into a folder on the desktop (just to get organized).
2. Take twelve of these pictures and adjust them as described below. Adjust one picture per adjustment method. Some adjustments will take one or two minutes. Others will take 10-15 minutes.

a. Ansel Adams
b. Photo Filter (warm or cold)
c. Large amount of selective focus
d. Small amount of selective focus
e. One item left in color
f. One COLOR left in color throughout the whole picture. You may want to try history brush to do this correctly. For example, everything in the picture is grayscale except for any instance of blue.
g. Duotone
h. Action Photo with caption like the one you created Monday.
i. Action Photo without caption
j. A three or four picture picture collage. Look at a tutorial here or here.
k. A Landscape with a caption that describes the location and time of day
l. An abstract or interesting angle picture with colors that "pop" off the picture.

Turn in the 12 adjusted pictures on a contact sheet called Best_Adjusted.
Turn in your favorite using naming convention and Best Picture.

Note: Action Picture Contact Sheet 2 is due Monday. Late work will not be accepted for this assignment.

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