Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Silhouette Assignment

Tips 2
Example 1

You will take silhouette pictures three different days. Two days in class and one night or morning session as homework.
  • One day in class you will use the studio and shoot a silhouette with the white or gray background. You will light the background and keep your subject (s) in the shadows.
  • One day in class you will work with a partner or two and shoot silhouettes away from school in a beautiful setting such as the pictures here on the page. I realize this will be mid-day, but you will all try your best to position your subject in the dark and in front of your bright background.
  • For your homework (which you can start tonight) you will shoot a silhouette either at sunrise or at sunset. You can have people as your subject, or you may use something natural or man made.
Friday the 26th: in studio or away from school. Contact sheet due at the end of the period.
Wed-Monday: Silhouette homework away from school. Contact Sheet Due Monday. Editing.
Wed: In Studio or away from school. Contact Sheet Due at the end of the period.
Friday the 5th: In class editing.


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