Friday, May 15, 2009

Stop Motion 2 Requirements and Treatment

1. 750-1000 pictures at least
2. An interesting animation where things that normally can't happen, happen.
3. Fade In/Out
4. Titles and Credits
5. Music throughout the whole video.
6. Multiple Sound effects
7. Two Separate Locations in your video (two scenes).
8. At least two objects must be animated.
9. Three storyboard sheets must be turned in per group.
10. Titles must be created in Live Type.

Treatment Questions (please use Text Edit and drop into the STAFF server):
1. What are you going to animate?
2. What is the story from beginning, middle, to end? Be specific. I want to know exactly what happens.
3. What will these objects do that will be interesting to watch?
4. What kind of music will you use?
5. What kind of sound effects will you use to enhance your video?

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