Thursday, March 05, 2009

Digital Photo Grayscale Assignment

You will adjust approximately 25-30 pictures using the grayscale methods. When you are finished adjusting your pictures pick the top 8 and send them to me in a contact sheet. Please make sure you have at least one picture from each grayscale method. Name this assignment "grayscale_adjustments". (This is due Monday 20 minutes into the long period).

Adjust your pictures using the six methods we discussed in class.

The Grayscale Methods: Lightness Channel, Ansel Adams, Calculations, Duotone, Basic Channel Mixer, and Basic Black and White.

Make sure all pictures are cropped as needed, have a definitive subject, and have an extreme dark and light point. Proper photo composition is essential.

On Monday you will send me your best picture for printing. Drop this into the proper folder and call this "grayscale to print."

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