Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Animation Examples: February 4 2009
I like this cartoon because it has a really funny song in it.
I like this one because it made fun of magic and i think thats funny.
I like this animation because they fight a lot and only say a couple of words hat are simply funny
I like this because i use to watch happy tree friends and they have interesting violence and creativity on how they kill each other

This video is worth watching because it is very amusing. The animation is decent but it was entertaining to me because somebody took the time to make a flash animation for a snoop dogg music video.
Awesome band with and awesome animation. It is a well done video the drawings are good and the flash video is timed right.
LinkThis one is creative/ and very well done. you can really tell the unique creation with the animation such as the people having no arms and the unbalance of the bodies as well as the connection between the characters. What I like about Date Nite is that with the animation, it is nothing like the stereo-typical animations, it has a little twist of character to it which made it really unique, and the plot line is really funny and can relate to real life

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