Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grayscale Work

Please visit the following sites and take a look at some grayscale pictures:

Getty Images

Please look at the patterns, brightness/contrast relationship as well as the emphasis on shadows.

Your assignment today is to think of a great place or places to shoot (off-campus) at the end of the week that will enable you to shoot some great grayscale photos. Examples: a cemetary, a street with very old buildings or houses, a junkyard, a used car lot, a basement, or a dense forest.

  • On Thursday/Friday you will leave campus to shoot 24 grayscale pictures focusing on outdoor shadows and patterns. Please arrange your ride via parent, friend, or bus BEFORE class time. You may sign out at the beginning of lunch.
  • You will also shoot 24 pictures this weekend as well focusing on man-made shadows and patterns.
  • On Monday you will learn Photoshop grayscale adjustment techniques in class.
  • Next Tuesday/Wednesday you will also leave campus to shoot at least 24 pictures again.
  • Thursday/Friday of next week you will adjust pictures and learn more grayscale techniques.

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